Indianapolis Zoo

Over Memorial Day weekend Evan and I decided to take an extra day off and visit the Indianapolis Zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo in years. I was super excited, but I’m not so sure Evan had the same feelings about it. Oh well. I had a blast despite the “Africa hot” weather (as my dad would call it) that we had that day.

First, we headed off to the dolphin show. I’ll be honest, it has been years since I’ve seen a dolphin show at any zoo. I was pretty amazed at what the dolphins could do and how high they could jump. I felt just like the little kiddos around us “ooo’ing and aaa’ing” at every trick.

We then headed to the Oceans exhibits to check out all of the underwater animals. They even have a shark petting tank (only dog sharks, which are very friendly). Right outside the Oceans exhibit was Wally the Walrus. I’m not sure if that’s his real name or not, but that’s what I called him. (I didn’t actually capture a good picture of Wally swimming around in his tank. This was just the fake Wally outside the exhibit.)

Then it was off to the Plains exhibits to see the zebras, ostriches, vultures, cheetahs and giraffes. The picture below is actually of a baby giraffe. Don’t get me wrong – it was still at least 6 feet tall.

Then came my favorite animal of all time. The ELEPHANTS! I just love these extra-large creatures.

Then we ventured to the Forests exhibits to see the new tiger viewing window (which was really cool I might add) and a red panda. This little sleepy guy did not look comfy at all trying to lounge in that tree. Guess he probably gets used to that.

Then we saw the gibbons. We laughed for a good 5 minutes watching the gibbons climb around their cage making loud siren-like noises. Who knew little animals could make such a loud and obnoxious sound. (Sorry about the full frontal shot below.)

The last major exhibit we went to was the Desert. It was definitely the most boring of all, but we did get a little entertainment out of watching these turtles try to get it on. Well I guess one of them was trying, the other one was basically running away the whole time. As far as we know, he (or she I guess) did not succeed.

The final and best part about the zoo was getting to pet an elephant. It was absolutely awesome. Their skin is very dirty even though they get baths every day, It’s also rough and hairy-like. Very interesting to touch, but I loved it. I’d want a pet elephant if they weren’t so big. Maybe they’ll “invent” a smaller version like the Petite Lap Giraffes (yes, I know these aren’t real).

I’d say our day at the zoo was well worth the $15 admission price. It even included a ticket into the Botanical Gardens that are right next door. We toured them a little bit before heading home to Chicago.