A Whole New World

Wow – it has been two months since I’ve posted on here. How lazy have I been? There have been a lot of changes in that amount of time. I already mentioned one a few posts ago, but let me update you on my life.

1. I took a new job with Meredith Corp as a Client Services Manager in their Interactive Department. I’ve been here a little over two months now, and I have to say that I’m still absolutely loving it. I love my team. I love the work that I’m doing. I love that I’m not working crazy amounts of hours anymore. I love the benefits, perks and bonuses. I love the location. It was seriously the perfect next step in my career, and I could not be happier. I still have a lot to learn, but I love the challenge.

2. I have a new roommate! Evan and I took the plunge and moved in together at the beginning of September. We moved to a 3rd floor unit of a flat right in the heart of Wrigleyville (literally a block away from Wrigley field). We have already painted (almost) the entire apartment and bought the rest of the furniture we needed. Although painting can get really old after awhile, I must say that I love the results. A little paint can definitely go a long way. I feel like it looks like a completely different apartment than what we moved into in September. I am loving our place more and more as we start decorating and making it our own. I’m kicking myself in the butt though because I didn’t take any “before” pictures. All I will be posting in the next couple of months are after photos. Oops! Guess I was a little too anxious to get everything painted. Pictures of the “in progress” apartment coming soon! Here is a sneak peak of our bedroom before we painted, but after our IKEA trip to get lamps and nightstands. (Sorry for the horrible quality – I desperately need a new camera!) We still have a lot to do to it. There is absolutely no decoration yet.

Also, moving in with Evan has definitely had it’s perks and conveniences. And we get along most of the time too. He is even learning how to share (finally!).

3. I dyed my hair red. Yep, except it’s pretty much orange right now. Like a pumpkin. I’m still not too sure about it, but I think it’s growing on me. I left a little bit of blonde in it, and I really think I’m regretting that decision. It honestly makes it look fake and that’s exactly what I didn’t want. I go back in a few weeks though, and I’m going to have her dye everything the same color, maybe even a little darker red. Here is a picture of it with my mom at her 50th birthday party this past weekend. It looks super dark in this picture, so just imagine it to be the color of a pumpkin.

Welp – that’s it for now! More updates and pictures to come soon.