Summer Fun List – Updated

So back on July 7th I put together a Summer Fun List containing things I wanted to do over the course of the Summer. Below is an update on how far I got!

– Make homemade ice-cream. Nope, but I did buy an $8 ice-cream maker on clearance from Target.
– Visit an amusement park (hopefully going to Cedar Point in September). Nope, the plans never happened. Next year I just need to be the coordinator because no one in our group of friends seems to want to do that kind of stuff.
– Have a game night with friends. Nope again. Evan did buy an XBOX Kinect for the new apartment. I’m waiting for people to come over so we can play!
Take Crosby to the dog beach. Yay! Evan and I did take Crosby to the Montrose Dog Beach (probably on the windiest day of the whole Summer).
Have lots of cook-outs with friends. We had a few, but not lots!
– Go to a concert (or two). Nope, but I am going to the Kanye West & Jay-Z concert next month!
– Have breakfast in bed. Yea, never happened.
See the fireworks at Navy Pier. Finally saw them for the first time with some new coworkers at Meredith.
– Go out to brunch for bottomless mimosas. Yum! I wish, but sadly I only had a few mimosas and they weren’t bottomless.
Plant something and somehow manage to keep it alive. Well I sort of did this one. I bought a plant that was already planted, and then it died. But they were Gerbera Daisies, and I don’t think those are supposed to live forever.
Have a “matinee Saturday” on a rainy day. Evan and I went to see The Change-Up and then snuck into Friends With Benefits on a rainy afternoon. Love doing this so we definitely need to do it again sometime soon!
– Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo (last summer did not count). Nope, failed at this one!
Have a boat day. A group of our friends went to a lake in Valparaiso, Indiana for the 4th of July.
– Rent a trolley on a Saturday afternoon. Gonna have to try this one again next Summer. Again, no one likes to plan things!
Explore a new Chicago neighborhood. Evan and I wandered around Ravenswood before I moved away from the area. Such a cute little area.
– Go to a “Movie in the Park”. Going to be on next Summer’s list.
– Make a root beer float. Nope, but I did drink a lot of Sprecher Root Beer.
Go to Southport street festival. Evan was out of town, but I met up with friends of ours and went. It was definitely a good time.
Watch a Chicago Fire game (already have tickets to the July 23rd game against Manchester United). I bought Evan tickets to the Chicago Fire vs. Manchester United soccer game for his birthday. It was a super hot day, but definitely fun to go see them play!