Wednesday Wish List

I am starting a new Wednesday post – my wish list. Because there are lots of things that I am “wishing” for. I’m trying to be good though and save money. I feel like the more I look at things I want, the less likely I feel like actually buying them. I think it is true that going shopping does make someone happier, even if they never buy anything. Since I work on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago, it’s never an issue for me to do a weekly shopping/browsing trip. Here are a few things I’ve had my eye on lately.


Aldo “Begen” Boots
I went to purchase these last week and OF COURSE they are sold out in my size. I waited to buy them just like I always do, and now they are completely sold out everywhere. Not a single pair in the United States (or other countries I guess). I was told to keep checking in case they decide to get more in stock, so I’ve literally been checking every single day. If I see anyone wearing these boots I may run them down and steal them. Yes, I want them that bad! I already tried on the other color (light taupe), and they fit perfectly. They are meant for me.

Michael Kors Crystal Stud Earrings in Golden
I want these to match my new watch that my boyfriend got me for my birthday. It’s the rose gold one so these earrings would go perfectly (they aren’t rose gold but the golden tones would go perfectly). They are only $45 so something I could afford. Maybe someday soon I will splurge and buy them for myself.

Nikon 1 J1
I love this camera. It’s beautiful and takes amazing pictures. I just wish the price tag were a lot smaller. At $650, it’s not something I’m looking to buy immediately. Everyone keeps telling me that the iPhone 4 cameras are just as good, but I seem to differ. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the 4S, but my pictures do not turn out that great. Or maybe it’s user error. I guess I never thought about that. Anyway – I want this camera.

Maybe I’ll eventually turn these wants/wishes into things I will actually purchase, but for now this is good enough for me. To stare at their pictures a little bit more.