2012 Goals

I’ve never been a fan of the word “resolution” so instead I’m creating goals for myself. They say if you set realistic and measurable goals by a given date you are much more likely to achieve them (rather than saying “i’m going to do better at xyz this year”). So, here they are!

1. Lower my body fat percentage to 18%. When I joined a gym a few weeks ago I was given one free personal training session with their lead trainer. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. He measured my body fat percentage, and I was very very surprised by the result. I can’t even write how high it is right now because I’m so ashamed (it’s above 30%). It’s at a level that is on the verge of having health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Needless to say I listened very carefully to everything he had to say for the next hour and a half. Although I can’t afford a personal trainer right now, I can still do a lot of the things he taught me. He also teaches a Boot Camp class every Wednesday night that I will definitely be attending! The most important thing I learned was that it’s really not about losing the weight. If you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model (not that I ever will) then the best way to do that is build lean muscle by strength training, not cardio. Two tricks he told me to control overeating are to drink an entire glass of water before you even sit down to eat. It will not only help you not eat as much, it will help digest your food faster and increase your metabolism. The second thing he said is that no matter what you are eating (so fatty pizza which is my weakness), just make sure you are only eating 1 serving size. These are definitely two things I will continue to remeber every time I eat. I am giving myself the entire year of 2012 to hit this goal.

2. Get to a point where I can pay off my credit cards every month. This has been one of my goals list for quite some time, but I’ve gotten basically no where. Thanks to racking up my credit cards in college (and the first year after) I have a hefty credit card bill. It’s not as big as others, but I’m definitely not to a point where I can’t pay it off every month. I would love to be there so I’ve developed a monthly budget and included a larger (much larger) payment to go towards my credit cards. Honestly, if I stick with my plan I can have them paid off in 6 months. I’m going to give myself an extra month but my goal is to be debt-free (well, with my credit cards – student loans are another thing) by the end of July.

3. Collect moments – not things. This goal is all about spending less money on material things and more on things that matter. A few months ago my boss was talking about what she does for her sons for Christmas every year. Instead of buying them clothes, cell phones, (material things), she takes them on a vacation and them buys them one other “activity” gift (for example she got one of her sons tickets to a concert). When we asked her why, she simply said that her mother taught her that material things will come and go throughout your life, but the vacations and fun things that you do will always be remembered. And it’s so true. I can think back and try to remember the gifts that I got for my birthday, Christmas, etc but I can only remember a select few. I do remember every single trip, and place I’ve ever been to though. So this year instead of doing a Christmas gift for each other, Evan and I decided that we are going to take a trip to California in April. I think I am going to suggest something similar for our 2-year anniversary in January – or maybe just use the money we would’ve spent on a gift and put it towards our California trip. Anyway – my goal is to take 4 different vacations/trips/staycations/whatever this year. I want to have 4 memorable events that happen in 2012!

 4. Blog at least once a week. I know that some people are very good about blogging every day or every other day, but well, I think I need to start at blogging once a week. It’s a realistic goal for me so I just need to finalize the blog and stick to the plan!

I think that’s all I have for now. If I think of any others I will add it to the list. Happy New Year!