I know I usually post my 5 Friday Favorites on Friday’s, but I’m so far behind on blogging that I thought I’d do one big post of what I’ve been up to lately instead. Beware, photo overload on this post.


– Evan’s Mom and Boyfriend (Brad) came to visit us in our new apartment. We went on one of the Chicago boat tours for the first time. I learned a lot about Chicago and had a blast. Here is a good picture of Evan on the boat overlooking the city.Look how dirty Lake Michigan is!

– I went to NYC to work in the Meredith office there for a few days. I already posted about that before, but wanted to mention it again. You can read all about the trip here.

– One of Evan’s best friends, Matt, got married. We went to their wedding in Pittsburgh, PA! It was an awesome wedding, and I really loved a lot of the things Renee (Matt’s wife) did for the wedding. I was making a few mental notes. 🙂

– Organized a surprise birthday party for my Mom’s 50th Birthday! Although she went in the wrong door and ruined the surprise, it was still a major success, and I think she had a blast. I loved her pretty cake!

– The very next weekend my mom came up to Chicago to visit me. She hadn’t ever been up to visit me before so I was super excited. Evan and I took her to Portillo’s, went shopping on Michigan Ave, got huge margaritas, cheered on Alabama at Houndstooth, and had lots of fun!

– I turned 26! Wow, I’m getting OLD. Evan got me this watch for my birthday. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve gotten about 100 compliments on it already.

– Halloween! My girlfriend Heather and I dressed up as Taco Bell hot sauces. We made our entire costume too – which was (sort of) fun.



– Evan and I drove down to Alabama for the “Game of the Century” (#1 LSU vs #2 Alabama). We even brought Crosby along with us, but he didn’t get to go to the game. He had a blast with his new friends Apollo and Athena! Below is a picture with Heather and Stephanie in front of our old house. Oh, how I miss that house!!

– Crosby turned 4 years old!! He is still a little monster, but he is the cutest doggy ever. He has such a funny personality too. Here are two of my favorite pictures of my boys cuddling together.

– We had another wedding to attend for one of Evan’s friends, Perry. This one was in Indianapolis and it was a blast as well. LOTS of dancing. And drinking.

– Thanksgiving! We drove home to Indy again and celebrated 4 Thanksgivings. Yep, just like the movie Four Christmases. So much food – definitely gained back all the weight I had lost, and some. Blah! Gotta get back on that eliptical.

– I attended the BEST concert I’ve ever been to. Kanye West and JAY-Z “Watch The Throne” tour. I went with work and we had amazing floor seats. We weren’t by the front stage, but they had a second stage which we were right next to. I literally could reach out and touch the stage! Both JAY-Z and Kanye got on that stage at one point in the show so it was awesome to see them so close! My iPhone camera really doesn’t do it justice either.



– I hosted a “Thanks-Mas” dinner party at our apartment (post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas party). We did a potluck dinner in honor of Thanksgiving and a Dirty Santa gift exchange in honor of Christmas. There were snuggies, sex games, alcohol, gingerbread houses, and movies. Lots of laughs and fun! However, after the party mostly everyone was sick with the flu. I missed two days of work even. Not fun! I didn’t even get any pictures from the party. I desperately need a new camera though.

– We went to a Christmas bar crawl in Wrigleyville (where we live) called The Twelve Bars of Christmas, or TBOX. It’s a huge one that thousands of people come out for. Everyone dresses up and it’s so much fun. Evan wore his green man costume, and I dressed up as Rudolph.

December is obviously not over yet so…to be continued…