Five Friday Favorites!

1. Favorite Space: My new office!! Yep, and I even have a view of Michigan Ave. I love it.

2. Favorite Etsy Find: Custom state prints from Poppy&Pinecone. I think I’m going to order the Indiana one for our apartment since that is where Evan and I are both from and where we met – just gotta figure out which color.

3. Favorite Bikini: I ordered this bikini for my cruise (in 15 days, omg), although I got just plain black bottoms so I can wear them with other tops. Time to get my butt to the gym for like 8 hours a day. Ah!

4. Favorite New Home Purchase: A blender/food processor from Macy’s. The other day Evan and I were talking about how we wanted to make smoothies (or I guess he was telling me he wanted to make them), but then I reminded him that we didn’t have a blender – just a little problem. Anyway, I was cutting through Macy’s the other day to get to the gym, and they had this cute little guy on sale! It was just screaming at me to buy him, so I did. For $20. So excited to make smoothies for breakfast this weekend!

5. Favorite Photo: This little guy is my first “nephew”, Max. Okay, not really, but close enough. 🙂 He is so adorable. I went to visit him last weekend, and I held him the entire two hours I was there. He was so peaceful and cute.