Five Friday Favorites!

1. Favorite Desktop Background
Every month I get my new desktop background from Kriegsnet. I absolutely love this month’s. I mean, it’s PINK! Below is the non-calendar version that I like just as much. He makes versions for iPhones and iPads too so I think I’m going to use the non-calendar version for one of those.

2. Favorite Countdown

I made a custom countdown until the hour our cruise departs. Can you tell I’m getting excited? It’s all I talk about these days. Woohoo!

3. Favorite Valentine’s Day Ritual
Every Valentine’s Day I make Evan take me to the ultimate chick flick movie that is in theaters. He would never go see one with me at any other time during the year, but since our first year together we went to see Valentine’s Day (with just about every celeb in it) on Valentine’s Day it has kind of been our ritual. This year we will be on our cruise, but I have convinced him to take me the Friday (the 10th) before we leave to go see The Vow. I am so excited!

4. Favorite Keychain
Yesterday I happened to stumble on the cutest Jonathan Adler elephant keychain. I’m obsessed. I keep getting my key out of my purse just to look at it. Yep, I’m a complete nerd.

5. Favorite Weekend Plans
I am heading back home to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. I’m so excited that my hometown is hosting the Super Bowl this year. Can’t wait to tour around Super Bowl village and try to see some celeb sitings. I definitely don’t have tickets to the game, but I think being there will be just as fun. Go Giants!!