Our Caribbean Cruise

We got back from our cruise about a week ago, and I’m already missing vacation. It was an absolute blast! Well, minus an allergic reaction I had to the spray tan I got a day before the trip. I am very sensitive to lotions and detergents, so it’s 100% my fault for thinking it wouldn’t break me out. I woke up on Sunday (the morning we had to board the ship) with eyes that looked like I had been crying non-stop for 24 hours. Don’t worry, I drugged myself up with lots of Benadryl.

We cheesily name our cruise Couples Cruise since we went during Valentine’s Day week, so if I refer it like that, that’s why. It was Evan (my boyfriend for those of you that don’t know me) and I, Joey (Evan’s best friend) and Ashley (my old roommate), LC (Ashley’s roommate from college) and Grant (LC’s boyfriend). We flew into Tampa the night before the ship left, and I do have to say it was well worth the $26/person we paid to not be stressed out about getting to the ship. Joey found us a great hotel that allowed each couple to have their own bed. It was a little cramped, but for one night it worked out fine. The hotel had shuttles that ran until midnight and would take you and pick you up anywhere within a three mile radius of the hotel. They took us to a local Mexican restaurant called Miguel’s (recommended to us by the friendly front desk staff) where we enjoyed yummy margaritas. A perfect drink to start the vacation off right.

The shuttle picked us back up after dinner and took us back to the hotel, even stopping and waiting on us while we grabbed a few last minute things for the cruise at Walgreen’s. Pretty awesome if you ask me. We would’ve spent so much more in cab fairs. The next morning we had a continental breakfast and then the shuttle took us to the Tampa port. So that’s $26/person for one hotel night (and everyone slept in a bed) in a decently nice room, shuttles rides (from airport to hotel, anywhere we wanted to go on Saturday night, hotel to boat dock, and boat dock back to airport after our cruise), and free breakfast. Definitely worth it! If you ever take a cruise out of Tampa – I suggest you stay at the Hyatt Place Tampa Airport/Westshore Hotel.

Once we got to the dock, we stood in a longgggggg line to board the ship. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the weather was nice. All of us planned on at least 60 degree weather, but apparently we were there on the coldest day of winter – at 40 degrees. Just dandy! The only warm thing I packed was a sweatshirt (the one that’s in a lot of pictures) so I was freezing. I wore flip flops to the port and even had to go in a store to buy Toms because my feet were so cold. We finally got on the ship and went straight to the bar to get our first drink (yes, seriously). We didn’t even drop our carry-on bags off in our rooms or anything!

We had our first dinner on the cruise and met our waiters for the week – PK (which is hilarious if you know about Evan’s nickname, not sure I can share that on here though) and No-Pey (that’s definitely not how you spell it, but oh well). They are both from Thailand, which is definitely a place I want to go someday. PK told us that if we go we won’t want to leave! Looking forward to planning a trip there someday!

After dinner we decided to try out the “club” on-board the ship called Medusa’s Lair. Considering we were pretty much the only 20-somethings on the entire cruise the place was pretty much dead. We only stayed for a few drinks and a few dances. Then things just got weird between Ashley, me and Medusa. We never did find anything up her nose.

Here are all of the unexciting things that happened at Medusa’s Lair throughout the week:
– I got head-butted by an obnoxiously drunk guy on the dance floor and then he paid me $5 (I’m surprised he even knew what happened). I think it was just so I wouldn’t get him kicked out…again. Yes, he got kicked out right after it happened then somehow got back in.
– We met the on-board Comedian, Scotty K (oh wait, I mean, creepy guy that kept hitting on me). He kept saying that he looked like the lead singer from Rascal Flatts…um is that even compliment?
– Requested songs that the DJ never played for us (seriously, the 5 other people in the place wouldn’t have cared if you played Notorious BIG’s Juicy).
– We watched the old-folks dance to old-folks music.
– Ashley posed like she was on the show of Toddlers and Tiara’s…for like 20 minutes (see picture below).

And that’s about it. Luckily we made our own fun on most of the other nights. My favorite night was when we made up our own game. The night before we went to one of the shows on board (the “how well do you know your partner” or the “newlywed” game) and we decided that it was so funny that we made up our own. I can’t remember most of the answers but Grant’s were probably the funniest.
Question: Describe your perfect date.
Grant’s answer for what he thinks LC would say: a day shopping with girlfriends.
LC’s response: Are you f-ing kidding me Grant? What is my perfect date with YOU? Not my friends!!

It took us over an hour (maybe even two) to get through the answers of 10 questions because we were all laughing so hard. I wish I would’ve kept the answer sheets though.  I can’t remember most of the questions/answers now. Other than that game we played catch phrase a few nights, which was fun because when you’re tipsy you tend to read the words wrong. Like I thought “Milan” (yes, the Italian city) was “Mulan”, the animated Disney movie/character. Oopsies. Got made fun of for that one!

Unfortunately that’s probably all of the exciting things that happened on the ship. Oh, actually I forgot that the boys surprised us all with pedicures on Valentine’s Day! None of us had any idea (well, maybe Ashley since she kept dropping hints before and even on the cruise). It was a hot stone pedicure that felt pretty amazing. And our esthetician looked like she could have been Rihanna’s twin (she was from Jamaica though, not Barbados but had an accent like Rihanna too).

I’m going to try to post more pictures in the posts about each place we stopped so sorry for the boring post with lots of text! But I will leave you with some cheesy pictures of the trip (we took pictures of the professional pictures they take of you on-board and most of them had you do very cheesy poses).