A $2 Mini Painting

I saw this painting on Pinterest a few months ago and immediately fell in love. Of course I love herringbone (who doesn’t?) so I decided that I would do a small version of it for the guest bedroom.

The first thing I did though was paint the canvas with a mixture of yellows and oranges. I kept it simple and just mixed about 4 different colors together. That part only took me about 5 minutes.

After it dried, I cut all the pieces of the tape and started arranging them in the herringbone pattern. It took me awhile since I didn’t have any painters tape that skinny, so I basically cut every single one. Next time I’ll probably buy some skinny masking tape. It took about an hour or so to cut all of the little pieces as evenly as possible. I also made sure to leave about the same amount of space between each piece of tape too.  So tedious, but thankfully my canvas was only an 8″x10″.

I did take off a few of the rectangles to make it imperfect like the picture I saw on Pinterest. I could’ve left it alone, but I really liked having some of them all white. Once all of the tape was on I painted two layers of white paint (all of the paint I used was acrylic). After it was dry I tore off all the painters tape – and it was done. So simple, but I love it. Now I just need to finish my shelf for the bedroom so I can put it on display. I only paid $2 for the canvas, and I had the paints and tape already. Not bad I might say.