Cruise Stop 1: Grand Cayman Islands

Okay, sorry for the delay in posting! Needed a break last week I guess.

Our first stop on the cruise was Grand Cayman Islands. What a beautiful place! Originally we were going to go to the local brewery and sample beer before heading to the beach, but once we got off the ship we realized it wasn’t even close to where we were. Instead we just started walking towards the beach. Little did we know that we’d have to walk a few miles to get there. Finally we hopped in one of the shuttle buses that takes you there.

We stopped at a small beach that our bus driver camps out at every day with his “business” partner (he drives the bus and his partner rents the chairs out at the beach – would definitely rather be the beach partner in that situation). It wasn’t super crowded so we were excited about that. There was a restaurant close by that we basically hung out at all day.

We sampled the local beer, Caybrew. It was not spectacular, and I’m glad we decided not to go to the brewery to sample it.

The water in Grand Cayman was amazing. Definitely one of the best beaches of the trip.

After hanging out by the beach all day we headed back into the main area and did a little shopping. Evan and I got shot glasses and postcards at each stop. Yes, we are those kind of tourists. 🙂

The boys surprised us ladies with hot stone pedicures for Valentine’s Day so once we got back on the boat that’s where we headed. Although I hate when people touch my feet, I actually enjoyed this pedicure. The hot stone felt really good!

Even though we didn’t do an excursion in Grand Cayman, I definitely had a blast just hanging out at the beautiful beach! I would love to go back and explore the island a little more next time.