It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up again with Amber (of Brunch with Amber) and Neely (of A Complete Waste of Makeup) for It’s OK Thursday.

It’s OK…

…that I went to RPM Italian (Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s new restaurant in Chicago) last night and totally stalked them (Facebook – Twitter – websites) to find out if they were gonna be there. Apparently Bill was there later that night after we left! 🙁 We missed him by an hour or so. Food was a-mazing by the way.

…to be completed addicted to Instagram. I look at it all day long. Follow me – srklivansky!

…that I’m already planning out things to do on our San Francisco trip at the end of April. I need something to look forward to I guess. All suggestions welcome!

…that for some reason I can’t seem to stay awake reading Catching Fire (the second book of The Hunger Games). It’s not that it’s boring or not as good as the first either. I guess maybe since the movie isn’t coming out for that one right now I don’t have a whole lot of motivation.

…to be super excited to help my boyfriend go Spring shopping this weekend. I love helping boys shop. Probably because I get to pick out stuff but don’t have to pay for it.

…to be extra cautious about germs after watching the movie Contagion. Kind of freaakky how fast something like that can spread. I recommend watching that movie by the way. But not The Devil’s Double..that movie is so disturbing. Thanks to the boyfriend I found myself watching it even though I didn’t want to!