Another Successful Target Trip!

Evan and I had to make a quick trip to Target last night for the second time in one week. That’s actually pretty common though. I am obsessed with that place. I could get lost in that store for hours if Evan would let me. We went to a different location on our way home from soccer though, and I’m glad we did because I found these super cute pillows for our bedroom! The Target we usually go to is pretty picked over because it’s newer and in a popular area so they don’t usually have the “good” items left. I love them, especially the “ikat” patterned one.

The ikat can be found here and the other one can be found here. It goes perfectly with the throw blanket we got from IKEA back when we moved in to the apartment. It matches the solid blue (or teal?) one almost perfectly. I can’t seem to find the color we got online, but here is the same one in white.

We also purchased some new patio furniture that we’ve had our eye on for a few weeks. When it went $50 off, we jumped at getting it before they sold out. I haven’t seen it on Pinterest yet, but I’m sure it will surface soon and be sold out shortly after. Does that ever happen to you? Pin something you want only to go buy it a few days later and it’s sold out. Dang Pinterest – you are the devil.

We don’t have a large patio by any means so this little set was perfect for us. I am in love with the pattern in the backs of the chairs and tabletop. And the yellow just makes it that much better. I’m so glad that Evan agreed to get it. You can find the set online here. For $200 I thought it was a great outdoor set that we’ll definitely use for a couple of years…until we get a bigger place. Looks like they have a similar set for a larger patio here.


Since we do spend so much money at Target I’ve been thinking about getting a Target credit card. It’s seems like a no-brainer since you get 5% off every purchase, but I think I may need to read up on it a little more. Of course I would need to budget myself and only purchase the things I would usually buy if I didn’t have it. Anyway, if any of you have one or have any thoughts about getting one let me know! I’d love to hear them!