2012 Goals Update

It has been 3 months since I set my 2012 resolutions/goals here and here. I wanted to take a look and see how I’ve been doing!

Let’s start with the first 4 important ones.

1. Lower my body fat percentage to 18%. I did really, really well in January and the first part of February. I was down 10 pounds right before my cruise, but sadly I’ve gained most of that back. I am disappointed in myself that I’ve let myself slack so much since my cruise. I now need to set some more deadlines for myself in order to get back on track!

2. Get to a point where I can pay off my credit cards every month. I completed this one already, and I can’t tell you enough how incredible this feeling is. I am finally contributing much more towards my savings. I obviously still have student loan debt, but I’m working on getting those paid off faster now too.

3. Collect moments – not things. Not much of an update here as I have taken one vacation (my cruise) and I’ll be going on another one at the end of this month (to San Fran). I still have two more memorable events/vacations/staycations to plan! There is a possibility of Las Vegas for a girlfriend’s birthday in September, but nothing is final. We’ll see!

 4. Blog at least once a week. I am actually doing really well on this one! I think other than my week on the cruise I have blogged once a week, but usually more.

Okay, now the smaller ones!

1. Buy a nice camera (DSLR, hopefully) and learn how to use it. Oh, and don’t break it. I’ve started to research them, does that count?
2. Go to the dentist. Yea, not joking on this one. I haven’t gone in almost 2 years. Last time they said I needed 2 crowns so I haven’t gone back. I’d also like to get my teeth bleached super white again! Sadly, no. I really need to do this asap!
3. Volunteer with a local non-profit organization once a month. Done. I have been volunteering with Off the Street Club once a month. I absolutely love it. I need to do a post about my experiences.
4. Complete one DIY project a month. I tag a gazillion through my Pinterest page, but I have yet to do any of them! Getting there! I did two last month, so I guess I’ve got to catch up a little.
5. Refinish the living room furniture (coffee tables, end tables, and tv stand). I think we’ve decided on a dark charcoal color. Nope, haven’t started.
6. Convince Evan to let me sell his uncomfortable leather couch and chair on Craigslist to buy a comfortable sectional. That’s a negative.
7. After I pay off my credit cards – save lots of money! (For a possible trip to Europe, my future wedding, etc). Starting to and it feels so good!
8. Find a few pieces of art that we love for our apartment (that will hopefully stay with us forever). Found a few smaller prints, but still looking for larger canvas artwork.
9. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew. Nope.
10. Start painting again. I did one little painting, so not counting this one yet.

I think it’s actually a pretty good start to the year. Many more things to accomplish and be happy about in 2012. So far it’s been a great year!