Friday Confessions

So A Blonde Ambition cancelled Confessional Friday, but I already had this post written and ready to go so I’m posting anyways! Have a great weekend!

1. I heard about an organization called Bright Pink on Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s new season on Style. It’s an organization for young woman that are at high-risk of getting breast cancer or ovarian cancer. My paternal grandmother, and my mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m actually not even sure if any of my great-grandmothers had it, and it’s definitely possible. Having it on both sides of my family puts me at a much higher risk of developing breast cancer and at a younger age because my mom was under the age of 50. Anyway, long story short, I pretty much read the entire site and it had me in tears. In fact, I was a little hysterical and kind of having a nervous breakdown. I have talked to my doctor about the risks/signs/etc. But for some reason reading their site really hit me, and I quickly realized how serious it really is. I plan on getting the BRCA genetic test to see if I carry the mutated gene, but in the meantime I HAVE to start taking care of my health. Like right now. Not really sure what part of this was a “confession”…

2. I read this article today (I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay) and then this one (A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”) , and yet again tears were falling. Both are great articles though, strongly recommend you read them.

3. I’m not pregnant, just super emotional right now.

4. I have to bake a cake this weekend. A cake shaped like a jelly bean. And I have no clue how I’m going to do it.

5. Evan and I have no plans for Easter, and I’m kind of okay with that. We haven’t gone to church here in Chicago yet, so I may do a little research to find a close Easter service for us to attend.

6. Race for the Cure is only two weeks away, and I haven’t even sent out one fundraising e-mail. I am the team captain. I need to get on it.

7. I have been struggling a bit on what to write about on the blog lately…are you guys sick of reading about my shopping addiction yet? 🙂

8. Evan and I are thinking about getting another puppy so that Crosby has a friend to play with before he gets old. We still haven’t decided though. Evan says that once you have one dog, having another one isn’t much different. I’m not sure I really agree with that…