Friday’s Letters

I’m linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds today for Friday’s Letters.

Dear boyfriend,
Your birthday is a little over a month away, and I really need you to start making a list for me. I know you’re really bad at thinking of things you want, so if you start now you might think of a few by the time I go buy your present. And no I’m not buying you an iPad.

Dear Skinny Cow,
I am simply obsessed with every single one of your products. I haven’t tried anything I didn’t love and every flavor is my favorite. It also baffles me how low in calories they are. How do you put so much yummy-ness into 140 calories? (image via my Instagram)

Dear Forever 21 (or any clothing store for that matter),
Please stop forcing me to buy your clothes. I mean seriously, it’s getting a little ridiculous at this point.

Dear Penguins,
I’m going to need you to win tonight’s game against the Flyers. And Sidney, you’re gonna have to score some more goals too. I can’t handle anymore games where you give up a 3 point lead.

Dear Indianapolis,
Evan and I will be there to see you a week from today for Race for the Cure (of Central Indiana). Please make sure there is warm weather. I’ll love you forever and maybe even come visit more often.

Okay, that’s enough ramblings for today. Have a great weekend!