Instagram & Smell the Roses Monday

1. Driving back into the city from a weekend in Indiana.
2. A little snack for the drive home. Mamba’s are the best!
3. My mom after walking the Survivor parade. So happy to say that my mom is a survivor!
4. Race for the Cure 2012!

Linking up with Ashley at a {little} dash of ash for Instagram Monday. I’m actually really addicted to this app, but somehow I only managed to post 4 photos this weekend. I spent the weekend with my mom in Indiana for our second Race for the Cure. You can hear all about the first one here. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

Now for the Smell the Roses challenge from Jessica at Lovely Little Things. Last week’s challenge was to “Meet a Need”. I struggled this week to really make this one happen, but I did manage to do something on Friday that helped meet a need.

We have someone new starting in our department today and the vacant office that she is going to use was an absolute mess. I mean…cabinets full of junk, extra broken chairs, bulletin boards, etc. just thrown in there over the past couple of months. It was basically an extra storage closet. I felt bad that she was going to have to come into an office that was just a complete mess so I took the entire first part of the day to move everything out and Clorox everything down. I got everything cleaned up and then got her computer setup too so she was all ready to start today. I’m so excited to have another girl in the office my age (a lot of people in our office are much older) though!

Anyway, not a huge “need” but I did get a big thank you from my boss. She said she was going to come in on Sunday to do it so I’m definitely glad she didn’t have to do that.

This week’s challenge is: Make a mix CD for someone.

Happy Monday! Can’t believe I’ll be in San Francisco in 3 days! Yay for a short week followed by a long weekend in San Fran.