Katherine or Ali or Shelby

Hi friends. I’m Steph from Steph Sweet Life Blog and I’m guest posting for my lovely bff, that we all love dearly, while she is in San Francisco.

I thought about revealing her deep dark secrets and embarrasing her since she presented me with the perfect opportunity, but I decided to be nice.

I wanted to brag on my bff a bit and share a few of my favorite things about Shelby so you could all get to know her a little better.

Just for fun, I did this morph thing on her to share.

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I guess she does resemble Katherine Heigl a little, but she has always reminded me of Ali Fedatowsky.

I LOVE Ali and I love Shelby.

Like Ali, Shelby is…

the most down-to-earth girl I know (technically I don’t “know” Ali, but we all know how awesome she is)

true to herself and knows what she wants in life.

a girl’s guy….she can hang in any sport convo….watch out!

very protective of her loved ones.

so stylish that it’s not fair.

so naturally pretty with adorable freckles and great skin.

Friendly, smart, outgoing, sophisticated, and the best friend a girl could ask for.

What I’m trying to say is that whether you’ve accidentally stumbled upon Sweetness in Starlight or been a follower of Shelby, consider yourself lucky to have such a wonderful bloggy friend.

And just for fun, I am going to embarrass her a little bit. 🙂