My Blog Organizer

A few months ago I started to struggle coming up with new posts and content for my blog. To help organize my thoughts I started a calendar. It really helped a ton, but I wanted to add a few more sections to help stay super organized. When Jessica at Lovely Little Things posted here about her organizer it gave me motivation to finish mine! I already had all of the pieces, just needed to print it out and bind it together.

I’m pretty obsessed with staying organized – you should see my office at work. I pretty much color-code anything that can be color-coded. I made it all pink – apparently it was my favorite color that day. I divided it into 5 sections – calendar, post ideas, link-ups, updates, sponsors.

This was a free download from Tom Kat Studio and you can download it here. I love Kim’s site (Tom Kat Studio). You can check out all of her freebies here. She has lots of free party downloads and party ideas in general.

*For the next 4 sections I used a simple blank ruled paper download (here).

Post Ideas
I don’t have much in this section yet (I added a few since I took this picture), but I am hoping to add more to it soon.

I have a page for each day of the week (except Saturday and Sunday since I don’t usually post on those days). This really helps me when it comes to the calendar section. If I am having trouble coming up with my own topic for the day I can reference the link-up tab for a quick idea.

This is a running list of updates and/or changes that I want to make to my blog (ie. – add an Instagram/Webstagram link). Since technology and the Internet changes daily I have to make sure I am keeping my blog up to date too. I just have a few little things that I would like to update right now. Thank goodness for the boyfriend (he is a web developer), and he helps make most of my changes happen.

I don’t have anything in this section yet, well, because I don’t even have the ability to add sponsors on my site. That is one thing on my update to-do list (boyfriend, help!).

I used clear protector screens on the outside and bound it with a clear spiral thing (not sure what they are called exactly). I used neon pink post-it tabs as the section dividers – love neon!

I got the pink chevron pattern by doing a Google search. I can’t seem to find it now, but I’ll try and find it if anyone’s interested in using it for anything. I also printed it out on cardstock and made some (free) stationary.

So far it has definitely kept me organized and helped with the (more) frequent blog posts. Now I just need to get going on those updates!