Oh, Hello Monday.

I don’t know about you, but Monday seemed to come a little too quickly. I had a pretty uneventful weekend, well, unless you count my hunt for new luggage on Saturday. My old set completely ripped out on the bottom during our cruise so I had to find a replacement since we leave for our trip to San Francisco in 10 days (and Indy this coming weekend). I did find a great deal on a black Samsonite set from TJ Maxx. I even stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to get some hot pink ribbon to put on them so they are all set to go for our trip.

I stopped by Marshall’s before TJ Maxx and accidentally got this Michael Kors bag for Spring/Summer. I am obsessed with it. Since I got it at Marshall’s I paid a fraction of what it retails for. Yea it might be a season or two old but who cares! I love it. It’s a tan-ish canvas color with cognac brown leather straps. Neutral colors that should go well with all the color that I have in my closet right now.

While I was out and about on Saturday I thought about the Smell the Roses challenge. I already surprised two of my favorite people (more on that later), but I wanted to do something nice for the boyfriend too. He lets me borrow his car a lot, especially if I go run errands that are much easier to do with a car. So while I was out I drove by this little car wash place – the type that hand wash the outside and the inside. Evan probably hasn’t washed his car in a few months so it definitely needed it. He was pleasantly surprised when his car was all nice and clean, inside and out! I also got him another little surprise while I was out. Flaming Hot Cheetos – his favorite and I knew he was out. I’m sure they will be gone in a few days.

For last week’s Smell the Roses challenge (Surprise someone just because.) I also sent little care packages to two of my best friends (and college roomies), Stephanie and Heather. They live in Alabama so I don’t get to see them often (except Steph just came to visit me in March! yay!). I wanted to send them a little package just to brighten their day and let them know that I miss them. I didn’t get a picture of what I sent them, but Steph actually shared hers on her blog on Friday so I stole hers.

I sent each of them a pretty new nail polish, Easter life-savers, and a bunch of my favorite magazines from work. Plus there was a Fitness extra that included a work-out band with exercises. Hopefully they enjoyed them! I honestly love surprising people so I might make this a once-a-week thing.

This week’s Smell the Roses challenge is “Meet a Need.” so link-up and join Jessica’s weekly challenges. Happy Monday!