Smell the Roses & Mani-Monday

I’m linking up with Jessica at Lovely Little Things today for Smell the Roses. I actually haven’t participated before, but I am planning on it from now on! I coincidentally did last week’s challenge without even knowing about it.

Last week’s challenge was: Clean out your closet and donate what you don’t use anymore.

I don’t have any pictures, but I had 2 bags full of clothes that I donated to the local Salvation Army this past Saturday. I actually go through my closet pretty often (2-3 times a year) so I’m surprised I had that much. I really need to go through my purse/bag stash and donate some of those.

I even convinced Evan to donate 8 shirts – which was basically like pulling a child’s tooth out. And yes, only 8 shirts. He barely let go of a few polo shirts (from the 90’s I might add) that had holes in them. For some reason he just doesn’t want to get rid of things…but I forced him to. He was mad at me for a few days, but I think he is over it now.

This week’s challenge: Surprise someone just because.

I absolutely love surprising people so I can’t wait to do this week’s challenge. I already have quite a few ideas.

And for Mani-Monday! I usually paint my nail at least once a week. I loved this week’s color so much I had to share it.  It’s Spoiled by Wet’N’Wild (only sold at CVS’) in “Toad-ally Amazing”. It’s a really pretty mint green with a bit of sparkle in it. I posted on Instagram over the weekend. Follow me if you aren’t already – srklivansky.

Hope you have a wonderful week!