Goodies from the Bay!

I’m still sorting through all my pictures from my trip out west to San Francisco…so maybe next week I’ll finally post about my trip. But for the time being I wanted to share all of the goodies we bought. We found so many cute shops and boutiques that it was hard to not spend lots of money.

First we found a store called Picnic. They had a ton of cute home and paper goods as well as some jewelry and clothes.

I bought this dainty little heart ring (if you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw this). It was pretty cheap, but I absolutely love it.

Then I bought this San Francisco card that I plan on putting in a frame with a picture of us from our trip. Or I have another shadowbox idea that I might try too. We’ll see! (Also, the paper isn’t yellow in real’s more of a cream color.)

On our trip down to Big Sur on Sunday we stopped at a super cool restaurant called Nepenthe. After our fabulous lunch overlooking the coast (more to come on that), we ventured down to their boutique shop called Phoenix. They don’t have much on their site compared to what was in the store. They had tons of stuff that I wanted to buy!

This cute little candle was all mine as soon as I saw the pattern. Since my iPhone camera stinks I couldn’t get the real color to show up. It’s actually a hot pink pattern with a little bit of royal blue. Uber cute.

Then I found these adorable little notecards in their clearance section. They are pictures of shoes from above…um yes! Love them. Can’t wait to send them out to mah friends!

Next up is my new lunch bag. It’s made by a company called Blue Q. I bought this one. They use post-consumer materials to make all of their bags. Check them out!

Then Evan found these skinny small vases with corks (both are about 7″ tall) in their clearance section – 2 for $25. I love them. Still trying to find the best place to put them in our apartment though. I am still having issues mixing “old” with “new” in our apartment. I just can’t seem to get it right.

And my favorite thing from Phoenix was this $4 “wrapping paper”, aka our new artwork. I cannot wait to get it framed. It’s vintagey and has all of the colors in our living room – bright teal blues and greens. The best part was the price too. Can’t go wrong with $4 artwork. It’s pretty big too (27″x20″). I have a 60% off a custom framing order coupon for JoAnn Fabrics, but I still don’t really know what to expect on how much it will cost. Do any of you know how much custom framing is? Any of you have any tips? Should I go to a smaller framing shop? I heard that chain stores can really over-quote you.

And last but not least was the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. I bought a small package of them…but this is the only one that made it home in one piece. I’d like to think that my fortune is true too.

I really wanted to find a cute Giants t-shirt, but I decided that I probably need to buy a Cubs t-shirt first. Especially since I live a block away from Wrigley Field. Just saying. 🙂 Anyway, I could’ve bought so much more, but I refrained from draining my bank account for once. Hey, maybe I’m learning.