It’s Been Awhile My Friends

I’m sure all 10,000 of you have been coming to my blog every day to see something new (joke). But seriously, I know I have been slacking – majorly. Every since I started Fifty Shades of Grey (strongly suggest you read the series if you haven’t already) I kind of didn’t give myself time to do anything else. Then I finished, and I still had no motivation to do anything. Not sure what happened but I accomplished more today than I did all last week. I worked out, counted calories in MyFitnessPal, painted my nails, did laundry and now I’m blogging.

Here is what I’m currently loving right now. (Linking up for What I’m Loving Wednesday)

1. Two 4-day work weeks in a row!! I have this Friday off and of course Monday for Memorial Day. Yay for short work weeks and long fun weekends!

2. My new Summer nail polish – Essie’s “bikini so teeny”. It’s part of their new collection. I wanted to buy all of them!

(image via my Instagram)

3. I am going to the Indy 500 this weekend. I. Cannot. Wait. If you’ve never been to the Indy 500 – well I suggest that you make a trip. It’s definitely a super fun experience (and it’s completely different than NASCAR).

(image via google)

4. The Avengers! I took Evan to see it last week for his birthday, and I loved it. I may or may not have a crush on Thor (Chris Hemsworth). His deep voice…ohh goodness. I have no idea if that’s Chris Hemworth’s real voice or not, but I love it. Ironman is still my favorite though, and Robert Downey Jr. is pretty funny in it.

(original image here)

And now I’m linking up with Gentri for 7 Questions!

1. What’s your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.) See this is where I need Emily Henderson to give me a style diagnostic since I’m a little lost. If I had to guess though I’d be somewhere along the lines of rustic modern. You know, if it’s actually possible to blend those two things.
2. What is the best trip you have EVER been on? I love traveling so it’s honestly really hard to pick just one. Probably either my cruise this past year or my very first cruise (senior year of high school spring break).
3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and why? An elephant! I have no idea where I’d put it, but I want one. Maybe soon they’ll make mini-elephants for pets. Kind of like the Petite Lap Giraffes. 🙂
4. Do you snore? (you can be honest, we’re all friends here.) Not that I know of. I have been known to talk in my sleep a bit though.
5. Your car breaks down on the side of the road, what do you do? Call my dad, of course!
6. What’s one item that has been on your wishlist lately? A new puppy! I want one soooo bad. I really really really want an English Bulldog.
7. It’s almost Summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you looking forward to most? Being outside ALL the time. Chicago Summers are the best! The street festivals, concerts in the park, beach days, restaurant patios, etc. really do make you fall back in love with Chicago after the dreadful winter.