My Bachelorette Two Cents

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen last night’s episode! 

I love me some reality TV shows, and the Bachelorette is definitely one of them. I think I’ve watched the past 6 seasons (maybe more), and I love all of them. I get sucked in so easily! I was really starting to like this season more than the others, but I have so many mixed emotions about yesterday’s Bachelorette episode that I’m not so sure anymore. Here they are in list form, because I love lists. 🙂

1. I was loving Emily until this past episode. It was getting rather annoyed that she was holding all of the boys accountable for not telling her about Kalon sooner. Um, didn’t Doug tell her the day after he said it? And wasn’t she on another date the day before? I just don’t get when she thought they were supposed to tell her. The way the boys made it sound was that he just started saying those things. Now I could totally just be seeing this from the viewer’s perspective (meaning they might have had a day or two to tell her, somehow?), but I just thought she was acting a bit harsh towards the other guys about it. And she didn’t act even half as pissed when Alessandro the Vampire Hunter told her that Ricki was a compromise. And she already saw red flags with Kalon before so why couldn’t she put it together herself that he was a complete jerk…I don’t know.

2. I don’t know why Arie was put in the “hot seat” for not sticking up for her. I’m pretty sure there were 6 other guys in that room that didn’t say anything either. I also don’t like the producers probably forced her pick him last at the Rose Ceremony…like she was really going to send him home.  They just love to create that drama. Alejandro went home in the end, but I think everyone saw that coming. He said about 10 words combined in all the episodes.

3. Sean is really starting to grow on me. I like him a lot for Emily. But I think she needs someone with an “edge” (like she has) too, and I don’t see that in him at all. He just seems too nice, but I guess only time will tell.

4. I can tell that Emily is really into Jef, but it seems like they are just really different and more along a friend-level. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jef, but I just don’t know if I see them together in the long-run.

5. All in all I felt that this week’s episode was a bit of a let down. The dates were kind of boring (but they are also in a way real dates that someone could go on while in London). The drama with Kalon was exaggerated a bit too much. Emily said she likes Ryan again. Ugh.

6. The preview for the next week looks juicy. Also, they show Arie going over to Emily’s to warn her that he doesn’t think someone is really there to fall in love with her (that he’s in it to “win” her). If she even gets mad at him, or doesn’t listen to him I will be so pissed. That is exactly what she just asked him to do in this past episode.

7. My bet is that Ryan is the one the boys feel is there to “win” Emily. He already called her his “future trophy wife”…to her face. And he thinks he should be the next bachelor. He would “open his heart up” to all the women. Gag me, please. I really hope he gets the boot next week. I can’t even stand to hear him speak.

8. My top 3 are still Arie, Sean, and Jef. Even with all the rumors going around about Arie (which who knows if any of them are even true) he is still my favorite for her. I mean, can’t you tell by their kisses? They are intense! 🙂 I also think I still like Doug. He got big points for asking Kalon in front of everyone if he said Ricki was baggage, then went straight to Emily to tell her once he heard it was true. That to me shows he has Emily’s back. 

What are your thoughts? You liking the Bachelorette this season?

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