The Happiest 5K on the Planet!

This past weekend I ran a 5K called the Color Run. I’m sure the majority of you have seen pictures on Pinterest of the run, but I thought I’d share my experience too. It was such a blast, and I can’t wait to run again next year. Hopefully next year Chicago will step up their game though and allow more people to run. I had to run in the Indianapolis one because the Chicago one sold out so fast. Oh well. It was still so much fun!

Here is the before picture – all clean in white.

Waiting in line to start. It took forever!

I loved this sculpture! It fit perfectly into the event too.

And here is the after! Lauren got a huge pile of purple chalk in her hair. She told me that even after washing it twice it didn’t come out either. Ahhh!

My favorite part of the day was at the after-run celebration where everyone would throw chalk at the same time. Here is the best picture I got of it. I had to keep my phone in a baggy so that it didn’t get ruined and a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out that great.

And here is a fun before and after picture of my hand. Haha. I had to scrub forever to get all of it off.

And I’d have to agree, the Color Run is the happiest 5K on the planet. Definitely doing it again next year. Hope you all had a great weekend too!