View of My Weekend…

from my new camera! I bought my very first DSLR camera, and I’m so excited. I went into Best Buy to finish my “research” and walked out with a brand new camera. Oops! I pretty much had my mind made up when I walked in there, but I guess I just needed the sales guy to talk me into it. I’ve only had it for a little over 24 hours, and I’m happy to say that I think I made the right decision even though it was a lot of money.

On Sunday I took it out for my first trial run. I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I did manage to get some good pictures. I even used the Manual settings too! I still have lots to learn, but I’d have to say my first try wasn’t half bad.

Baby girl (aka our foster puppy, Bagel) loved to pose for the camera. Crosby, not so much.

Oh, and I didn’t do any editing in Photoshop on these – just re-sized and/or cropped them.

The Chicago Air & Water show was this weekend so Evan and I rode our bikes over to the lake to catch the show. I loved it! I had never seen an air show up close and personal so I was flipping out. And it was such a beautiful day – not too hot and super sunny!

And my favorite part – the Blue Angels. They had a plane that did a show on it’s own before the jets came in. It was a huge plane (C-130 I think) and got so close to us. Very loud too. 🙂

And the jets!

I couldn’t believe how close they got to each other. Below is a picture of two planes heading directly towards each other (like a game of chicken).

And then they came in from all different directions. Ah! I know my pictures don’t really do it justice, but it was crazy to see in person.

i thought this little girl blowing bubbles out of her wagon was super cute. I think I need a bubble gun now.

And this girl had a baby-like harness…for her dog. Um, what?

Evan just lounged on our blanket watching the planes while I snapped 100s of pictures.

And I think this is my favorite from the day. Nice pose babe.

Obviously still lots to learn, but I am absolutely loving my camera so far. I can’t wait to take a class and really figure out how to take some great pictures.