Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

Love that song and absolutely love this time of the year! Below is what I’ve been up to this December – apologize in advance for the excessive amount of photos.

The girls at our Thanksmas party a few weekends ago.


Two weekends ago my besties Stephanie and Melissa came to visit (as mentioned here). We explored my neighborhood a bit (Wrigleyville).


And then took the bus down to the Lincoln Park Zoo for Zoo Lights. I had never been to Zoo Lights before so I was just as excited as they were! It was so much fun.

zoo lights
zoo lights2

I can’t believe they let us take our own picture with Santa! We loved it.


After our lovely visit with Santa we went to the best exhibit at the zoo – the monkeys!


And I know it’s hard to see what’s happening this picture (couldn’t get a good one with or without flash) but this was the cutest thing ever. The momma had her legs propped right up on the glass where everyone was looking in and then the baby was laying on her belly. So adorable!


I took them to one of the best places to see the Chicago skyline – the Lincoln Park Zoo bridge (pictured here too). Some of the pictures turned out really good! A little blurry but I didn’t have my tripod.




We also participated in one of the biggest bar crawls in Chicago while they were here – TBOX (also called Twelve Bars of Christmas). It is so much fun, and I can’t wait until they both come back next year for it. Oh, and of course you dress up as tacky as possible. We spent a whole night constructing our shirts from scratch. (sorry for the inappropriateness of that last picture)




And this most recent weekend Evan and I went to his work Christmas party at City Winery. We attempted to take a few ourselves, but they weren’t so great. This is the best one, and I had to make it black and white so it was even good enough to post on here. I’ll get better, I promise!


Hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am! Would love to hear of the fun things you have been up to.