2012 Goals – Final Update

Last year was the first time I really set resolutions/goals for myself. I really like that I took time to think about them and write them down so I could be held accountable for them. You can see last year’s goals here and here, but below is how I ended up completing them!

Let’s start with the first 4 important ones.

1. Lower my body fat percentage to 18%. Nope. Definitely not and this will be on the 2013 goals as well, but maybe in a different measurement form.

2. Get to a point where I can pay off my credit cards every month. Completed!

3. Collect moments – not things. Completed! Went on a cruise in February, San Francisco in April, Alabama/Destin in July, Alabama in October, and Michigan in December. Had a lot of great moments in 2012! (I will be writing another 2012 wrap-up post that details all of the fun stuff I did this year.)

 4. Blog at least once a week. I don’t think I completed this one. I did okay throughout the year but there were times when I went too long without blogging.

Okay, now the smaller ones!

1. Buy a nice camera (DSLR, hopefully) and learn how to use it. Oh, and don’t break it.  Completed! I’m obsessed with my new camera.
2. Go to the dentist. Yea, not joking on this one. I haven’t gone in almost 2 years. Last time they said I needed 2 crowns so I haven’t gone back. I’d also like to get my teeth bleached super white again! Sadly, no. It has now been 3 years and will be going on my 2013 list.
3. Volunteer with a local non-profit organization once a month. Done. I volunteered with Off the Street Club once a month. 
4. Complete one DIY project a month. I tag a gazillion through my Pinterest page, but I have yet to do any of them! I did a few…but not once a month.
5. Refinish the living room furniture (coffee tables, end tables, and tv stand).  Sort of, we finished the end tables. That was such a pain in the butt we’ve taken a few months off. 
6. Convince Evan to let me sell his uncomfortable leather couch and chair on Craigslist to buy a comfortable sectional. Nope, we both agreed to wait until we move to a permanent home so the new couch fits that home and not our small apartment.
7. After I pay off my credit cards – save lots of money! (For a possible trip to Europe, my future wedding, etc).  I have a good start to this and saving will be a huge part of my 2013 goals. 
8. Find a few pieces of art that we love for our apartment (that will hopefully stay with us forever).  Got a few small prints, and also got some map art that we got in San Francisco custom framed. I love it! 
9. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew. That’s a big fat negative. Once I got my camera I’ve pretty much focused on that.
10. Start painting again. I did one little painting, so no, not really.

All-in-all I think I did pretty well in accomplishing my goals this year. 2012 was definitely an incredible year for me, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!