2013 Goals

I know I’m a little late on posting my New Year’s goals but better late than never. Here’s to a great 2013 and challenging myself even more than 2012!

1. Live a healthier lifestyle. 
– Eat out less often and absolutely no fast food
– No soda, less alcohol, more water
– Eat cleaner (no processed foods, less added sugars, less sodium, etc)
– Work-out at least 3x a week (lift weights at least once)
– Take vitamins daily

2. Learn to eat a more balanced vegetarian diet (or pescatarian, I guess).
– Research, research, research – like read this entire site for example
– Cut down on the carb intake (this is a huge one for me)
– Make sure I’m getting enough protein in every meal
– Log every meal in MyFitnessPal to track everything

3. Be “money healthy”. 
– Create and stick to a monthly shopping budget (for entertainment, clothes, etc.)
– Save at least 5 figures this year
– Do more research on my student loans (consolidation?, etc)
– Put any extra income directly into savings (bonuses, tax return, etc)
– Purchase only items I “need”, and save the “wants” for when I hit my weight loss goals

4. Check off everything on this list!
– Go to the dentist
– Get my teeth bleached
– Buy new glasses
– Read 20 books
– Take a photography class (or two or three)
– Do a few more shoots of friends/family to start a portfolio
– Refinish/repaint all of the living room furniture (coffee table, entertainment stand, and sofa table)
– Try to sell some items on Craigslist or Ebay (once-worn shoes, nice coats, etc)