Seattle Lovin’

I traveled to Seattle twice in the past three months (once in December and once in January), and I am loving the city. The weather wasn’t so great, but hey, it’s not any better in Chicago right now. I hope that I get to go back during the summer months though. I heard it’s gorgeous! Unfortunately I was there for work so most of my pictures were taken at night. Another reason to go back during the summer.

First stop was the market.

Then the gum wall – so cool, but so gross at the same time.

And of course the Space Needle.

And a creepy concrete troll underneath a bridge.


The thing is huge too – there is even an old VW bug underneath it.


And the last stop of my tour was Candy Cane Lane – the cutest little cul-de-sac where every house was decked out in Christmas lights. It was so cute!


On my second trip out there I went to a bunch of really cool restaurants, but unfortunately I didn’t get very many pictures that trip. Maybe next time though. Can’t wait to visit the cute city again! I loved it. It honestly felt a lot like Chicago just on a smaller scale.