A New Biggest Loser Fan

For some reason I’ve never really gotten into the show The Biggest Loser until this season. I don’t really know why I started to watch this season, but I’m so glad I did. I just find it so inspiring and motivating! Makes me want to get up and work out with them. Here are my top 3 contestants that I want to win (ranked in order).


1. Danni: A fellow Chicagoan in advertising, what’s not to love? She has always been my favorite and continues to kick ass every single week. Danni has always worked her butt off and it shows. She’s the kindest, most giving person on the show as well. She really seems like someone I would be good friends with in real life. Even if she doesn’t win (although I really really want her to!) I think she looks amazing and should be extremely proud of herself.

2. Jackson: Another contestant that has been kicking ass since the beginning. It hasn’t always been easy for him but he stuck it out. He is always trying his hardest, and I just love how sweet of a person he is as well. I fell in love with him the week the trainers weren’t there. He stepped in as the team leader and really proved himself that week. Overall I think he has really transformed himself mentally and obviously physically.

3. Jeff: To be quite honest I wasn’t a huge fan of Jeff at the beginning of the season. I thought he had a bad attitude and didn’t really “want it” like every one. He seemed like he was doing just enough to get by…but who knows. Maybe they edited it to make it seem that way. Anyway, he has really grown on me. I think he may have had a turning point when Jillian sat down and talked with him one-on-one. I also really like the fact that he is romantically involved with another contestant that already went home (Francelina). They are so cute together!

I can’t wait to watch next week’s episode. Do you watch the show? Who is/are your favorite(s)?