A Little Guest Room Update

I bought this little table (was technically it was a cart, but I took off the wheels) from Goodwill in college for $7, and somehow I still have it. It’s pretty cheap looking (and definitely needed a make-over), but it works for now. I’ve painted it white, black and now yellow. Yellow is definitely my favorite. I learned the hard way that the test paint cans from Benjamin Moore do not have built-in primer like the other cans I always buy. Whoops! Five coats later and it still doesn’t look amazing. Oh well, this is just a temporary item until we have a house one day. Also, I completely forgot to white balance in a few of these photos but you get the idea.


  • I love it! I like your lamp as well!

  • Wow..you did such a good job! LOVE that yellow color and it’s the perfect pop!

  • Ohhh I love the yellow – especially with the pillows! Nice for the Spring (if it ever gets here)! 🙂

  • Amazing, what a great example of how one little change can make such a big impact! Love it!