Little Friday Nothings

I am obsessed with tulip magnolia trees ever since Sydney posted pictures of them. Just look how gorgeous the flowers are – and there’s a whole tree of them! I must have one in my future lawn.

Last weekend I bought these jeans in my goal size! Working out and eating healthy seems to finally be paying off – woohoo. (I’m also going to pretend that these don’t run large and that I’m actually the size I bought.)

Absolutely loving my new iPhone 5. The camera is just so. much. better. I bought a really cheap bumper for the time being until I can decide what case I really want. I think I’m leaning towards this one.  – it’s just so fun!

One of my best friends from high school is moving to Chicago today. I am so so so excited. She will be working about a block away from me. I see many lunch dates in our near future (and a smaller bank account since she is a stylist at Nordstrom).

I really need to make some StickyGram magnets asap. We have a short supply of magnets on our fridge and these are perfect.

I hope that Zach Braff reaches his goal. I loved Garden State and have no doubts that Wish I Was Here would be just as amazing. Donate here (if you loved Garden State).