Little Friday Nothings

I’m starting a new weekly series called little Friday nothings – basically my random thoughts from throughout the week.

I found my absolute favorite basic-T ever from Gap. I bought 3 colors and might go back for more. Can’t wait to dress up my white one like this.

My search for a new concealer continues. I currently use MAC Pro Longwear and just don’t love it anymore. I may try this one or this one, but I’m also taking recommendations.

I developed eczema (severe dry, sensitive skin) in college and had to switch all my skin products to hypo-allergenic. I use basically every Aveeno product there is. However, I also just found out the hard way I’m allergic to band aids. Um, what? Please tell me I’m not the only one in this world with weird skin issues.

I am obsessed with the new Nike Training Club in Lincoln Park. It’s a retail Nike store with a studio above it that offers free fitness classes. My favorite is the NTC class (basically a boot-camp class based off their iPhone app – major butt kicking). If you live in the Chicago area I would definitely check it out!

I finally decided on a pair of Warby Parker glasses. I bought these, but I kind of really like these too. Might have to buy a second pair soon.

To the Wonder opens in theaters today, but apparently you can rent it on iTunes for $7 instead of paying over $20 at the theater. Hello Friday night. I have a huge girl crush on Rachel McAdams.

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