2014 Is Going to Be A Good Year

I almost decided not to do goals for 2014, but then I remembered how much they’ve helped me accomplish over the past few years that I thought it would be silly not to!  It’s keeps me sane and focused on the year ahead (what can I say, I’m definitely a type-A person). I know it’s almost March, but better late than never!

1. Buy a house.
2. Plan one fun date a month with my future hubby.
3. Take Chloe to puppy lessons.
4. Complete a sprint triathlon. (Just signed up for one on August 16th – official training starts March 1st!)
5. Take this online photography course.
6. Wash my face and floss my teeth every single night. (Yes, it’s very sad I don’t already do this. I’m lazy.)
7. Stop my out-of-control sugar cravings with The 21-Day Sugar Detox.
8. Do one random act of kindness a week.
9. Create a frame wall with pictures of every place my fiance and I have traveled to – together, of course.
10. Complete the 52-week money challenge (seen here) – I’ll save an extra $1,378 this year.

Also, I wanted to do a little recap of how I did will my 2013 goals (posted here).

1. Live a healthier lifestyle.  Definitely worked hard on this one, but I know I can do better!
– Eat out less often and absolutely no fast food
– No soda, less alcohol, more water
– Eat cleaner (no processed foods, less added sugars, less sodium, etc)
– Work-out at least 3x a week (lift weights at least once)
– Take vitamins daily

2. Learn to eat a more balanced vegetarian diet (or pescatarian, I guess). I also worked hard on this one too, but I can do so much better. I haven’t been eating balanced meals…at all.
– Research, research, research – like read this entire site for example
– Cut down on the carb intake (this is a huge one for me)
– Make sure I’m getting enough protein in every meal
– Log every meal in MyFitnessPal to track everything

3. Be “money healthy”. Yes! I definitely did really well this one. I even pulled my credit reports and scores at the beginning of the year and I’m in a great place (minus the big student loans, I guess).
– Create and stick to a monthly shopping budget (for entertainment, clothes, etc.)
– Save at least 5 figures this year
– Do more research on my student loans (consolidation?, etc)
– Put any extra income directly into savings (bonuses, tax return, etc)
– Purchase only items I “need”, and save the “wants” for when I hit my weight loss goals

4. Check off everything on this list!
Go to the dentist Completed. Love my new dentist and my teeth are now in great shape! 
Get my teeth bleached Started at the end of 2013, but just got a stronger bleach that I’m using now so it will be completed in the next few weeks.
Buy new glasses Done – love my Warby Parker’s!
– Read 20 books Ehh, not so much. I read maybe 2 total.
– Take a photography class (or two or three) Nope, still on my list!
– Do a few more shoots of friends/family to start a portfolio Nope – going on this year’s list though!
Refinish/repaint all of the living room furniture (coffee table, entertainment stand, and sofa table) Yep, everything but the entertainment stand. But we are going to sell that so I’m not going to re-finish it.
Try to sell some items on Craigslist or Ebay (once-worn shoes, nice coats, etc) I tried…but nothing sold. Whomp, whomp. I just gave it away to the Salvation Army instead.