Kitchen Table Refinish

I am really excited to share this before and after with you. It was super easy and most importantly – completely free! I just love these kind of projects. The table was my parents first ever kitchen table in their apartment when they got married about 35+ years old. There are some deep scratches on top, and it’s a bit bowed so I had to work around that. It’s got some years on it, but I think that’s why I love it so much.  Even my brother was impressed by how well it turned out. He was convinced that table was gross and needed to be thrown out. It just needed a little love.









I sanded down the entire table (top and base), and it was surprisingly fast and easy. Some of the deep scratches are still there, but I think that’s what gives it character. Then I used my favorite Minwax stain (Weathered Oak) for the butcher block top – only 1 coat was needed. I did do four coats of poly in order to seal it well since we’ll use it frequently. The base was painted a flat white that was left by the previous owners. Basically I had everything I needed for this refinish so the entire project was free. We did buy some new chairs as the ones that came with the table were a little hideous (sorry mom and dad, those were not salvageable).

Table – Free!
Tabouret Chairs – Overstock
Plates/Bowls – IKEA
Napkins – Target (clearance, no longer available)
S+P Shakers – World Market
Vase – Marshall’s

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