Mudroom Reveal

This isn’t the best before and after because it’s almost impossible to take good pictures of this tiny closet. There is almost no natural light, and the boob light in the hallway makes everything look extremely yellow. I can’t turn off the light either since there is barely any natural light that floods into the hallway. The garage door opens to the inside and closes off the view to the closet. The laundry room door also opens into the hallway but I obviously can’t get a straight on shot of the closet. If only the garage entry door opened into the garage…


In person I am still very excited with the results. The closet (I mean “mudroom”) is so much more functional now. I removed the bar and put in 3 coat hooks instead. Coats seem to get put away a lot faster when hangers are no longer involved. I added a bench (a few inches taller than my Hunters so they could fit easily in there) that I stained my favorite color – Weathered Oak. It’s perfect for setting my purse on, the pool bag or anything else we want to keep semi-hidden. I also added a fun key rack and wall basket to hide all of our junk that normally accumulates on the kitchen island. I cannot stand clutter and this little closet helps keep everything off the counters and out of sight. The basket holds sunglasses, magazines, mail, my headphones, and some other random items. I love the key rack too – it was the perfect find on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago. I thought about making my own version of it, but once I started adding up the costs for the hooks, wood and other items it just didn’t make sense. It was going to be more work, and I probably wouldn’t save that much money.



You might recognize the wall basket since I blogged about it earlier this week. It was one of my favorite items currently at World Market and it fit perfectly in here. The metal baskets on the top shelf, and round basket on the floor were HomeGoods finds – my second favorite home decor store.


I cannot wait to replace this ugly looking boob light asap! And those walls are getting painted a pretty gray really soon too (as well as the kitchen). There is entirely way too much yellow in this house. I like bright crisp colors.


So what do you think? We aren’t planning on selling this house anytime soon, but would you rather have a normal coat/storage closet here or a mini mudroom? I’m trying to convince Evan that future buyers would want it too. Luckily the door can easily be put back on, and the closet put back in place how it was. However, I still think it’s much more functional this way.