Office Plans

I’ve been so anxious to get started on my office (aka – my “girl cave”. Evan gets the basement for his man cave) makeover, however, the painting itself is a little overwhelming. The amount of trim that I need to paint is going to take an extremely long time. You might remember from the before house tour post here that there is a wall of built-in shelves. Below is another picture that shows the entire wall.


Here you can see how much built-in shelving there really is to paint. I’ve thought about spraying them but…a. I don’t have a sprayer so I’d have to buy one and everything that I need to go with it, and b. I’m not sure if I want those beautiful shelves to be my guinea pig spray project. I have decided that all the trim will be white like the rest of the house (this is the only corner of the house with unpainted trim), but I think the backs of the shelves are going to be gray just to give it a little contrast. I’d love to do a gray grasscloth, but I doubt my budget will allow for that.

Anyway, here is a little mood board that I put together for my office.



1. I loved Lauren Conrad’s new office reveal that Domino posted. That white frame wall is just gorgeous so I know I want to recreate that in some way. I’ve been stocking up on white frames whenever I see any on sale. Also, I already bought this print that I’ve been dying to hang. Anyone that knows me probably knows my love for doughnuts. I love this print so much that I really might get it custom framed even though it’s a standard size or use this trick at Michael’s.

2. Like I said above, the framing of the shelves will be painted white and the backs will be painted gray. That picture has some impeccably styled shelves, but I think mine will be filled with a lot of these white organization boxes from Container Store. I also picked up some plain white photo boxes from Michael’s when they were on sale – I think they were $2/box. Lots of boxes to hide all of my crafting stuff.

3. I already bought this desk from World Market, and I love it. It’s actually a dining room table, but since my office is technically a bedroom it doesn’t make sense to put a dinky little desk up against a wall or in the middle of the room. This desk fits the room perfectly, and I got a great deal on it too.

4. The wall next to the built-ins needs a little something. It’s actually the back of the fireplace from the living room, so hanging tons of frames for a gallery wall isn’t realistic. So I thought that adding a little more storage wouldn’t hurt. I love this cabinet in gray from Target, although I’m worried it might look a little dwarfed next to the built-ins. Seriously – they are much larger in person than in the photos.

5. A few weeks ago I found this pink chair just calling my name at Goodwill. She just needs a little TLC and a new reupholster job. I’ve called around to a few reupholstery guys in the Indianapolis area, and estimates have all been around $400 – $500 + the cost of fabric. I’ve never reupholstered a piece a furniture before so does that sound reasonable? It will be a bit more expensive than buying new (well, maybe), but I’ll have a custom chair that no one else has. I love that! I just wish Evan would allow a bright pink chair, but that’s not going to happen. I love the yellow in the picture above though, and I think he would allow that.

6. I definitely need some kind of plant in here, but I’m not sure I am ready for a fiddle fig leaf. I don’t have the greenest of thumbs (yet), but I am learning. I’ve brought a few dying plants back to life so I might give the fiddle a shot. Now I just need to find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve been on the lookout at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Where else should I look? (There IKEA isn’t close to me…whomp, whomp).

7. I have decided to go with Sea Foam by Benjamin Moore for the walls. It has a little bit of minty green, but also some gray and blue tones in it. I think it’s going to look gorgeous in this room that gets so much light!

So what do you think? I think I have a lot of work cut out for me, and I better get going if I want it all done by August 23rd (our housewarming party). Yikes!