Savannah, GA

Allie, my best friend since 6th grade got married in May to the love of her life. The wedding was hosted where they fell in love – in breathtaking Savannah, Georgia. They both went to school at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) – and yes, they are two of the most creative people I know. Their wedding was so fabulous! And the best part about their wedding that it was so “Allie and John” – which is exactly what you want your wedding to be. It was unique, creative, and it was just such a great celebration of two of my favorite people. Now if only I could convince them to move back to the midwest. New York is just too dang far away!

I didn’t get many pictures from the weekend, but I did get some good ones of Allie getting ready. I also caught a few of her opening a pre-wedding gift from John – so sweet. And check out that bling – dangggg. It’s a heirloom from John’s family, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!





The photographers posted some amazing photos of the wedding on their blog. Seriously – what a gorgeous wedding! I want to relive it all over again. Congrats Allie & John!