The Before Tour

I’m sure most of you know by know (if I still have any readers left that is), that we bought a house in April. We didn’t buy in Chicago though…we have relocated our lives back in Indiana where we grew up. It’s a 3 hour drive from Chicago, but it’s just a completely different lifestyle that I’m trying to get used to again. The good news is that Indiana is now somewhat “cool” – unlike it was when I lived here during high school and a year after college. The city is really growing and actually has lots of fun things to do now. Although “going out” will never been the same as Chicago, but I’m a little over that part of my life anyway. Evan…hm not so much. I think he definitely misses that.

We bought a house about 30 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis in a town called Westfield. We actually have a Carmel address (where I grew up), but it’s really in Westfield school district. It’s the perfect location though (in my opinion). Anything we need is about a 5-10 minute drive. Heck, I could ride my bike to most places if I wanted to (Target, grocery store, Lowe’s, etc.). We love our neighborhood too. It’s an older neighborhood, and I remember driving through it all the time when I was younger. I loved looking at all the pretty houses so it’s crazy to think that I own one of them now! We bought a house on a street called Goodtime Court. Isn’t that an awesome street name?

So without further ado…here are the “before” pictures of the house. I took these during our inspection, and honestly, these pictures aren’t much since I took them really fast (in other words – don’t judge my photography skills). None of this is our stuff or furniture so also disregard that. I can’t wait to start showing you some of the afters! We still have a long way to go though.


PS – Eventually that green will be gone. I can’t stand it.

Master Bedroom




Master Closet

IMG_4721 IMG_4722


Master Bathroom – apparently this room was too hideous to get a picture. Let’s just say there is carpet in there. This whole bathroom will be gutted and redone sometime in the near future!

And I didn’t get really any pictures of the upstairs bedrooms (there are 4 total including the master) and jack & jill bathroom. I guess I got distracted with the downstairs since it’s much nicer and actually renovated a bit. I promise that I’ll take some pictures before we do anything drastic in those rooms.

 Living Room (the dogs’ play room since it’s completely empty)



My Office 



Family Room (my absolute favorite room in the whole house. just look at those gorgeous windows!)



Kitchen (and pantry) 



Dining Room



Laundry Room









And that’s pretty much it. I should have plentyyyy of content to write about over the next few years. I just need to force myself to keep up with the projects I’m doing. I’m going to try to post at least 2x a week. I think that is a realistic goal for myself so stay tuned for post #2 this week – the kitchen table that I refinished.