Dream Honeymoon

We have 8 months to go and our honeymoon is still one thing that we definitely need to start thinking about (along with finalizing the DJ, catering, and maybe just a few other big things – eek!). Here are my top 5 dream honeymoons. I have not researched any of these so most of them might definitely be out of budget.


1. Italy (Rome, Venice, Amalfi Coast)
I’ve never been to Europe so this trip would be absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience – perfect for our honeymoon. This one might actually be a possibility! We might wait a few months after our wedding though and go in the early fall when the weather is much better for traveling. We’ve heard that June in Italy can be very hot and humid.



2. St Kitts
I really like the idea of relaxing on a beach, but also exploring parts of a city and culture. I have ADD so I’m not sure that I could just sit and relax on a beach every single day for seven days straight. When I travel I really enjoy getting out of the touristy areas and this island seems to be just the place that I would love to do that in.



3. Greek Islands
Rumor on the street is that Greece is “dirty” but I find that very hard to believe about the Greek Islands. The pictures below kind of speak for themselves – it’s just so gorgeous (and I’m sure extremely expensive).



4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
I’ve heard from a few people that this little Mexican town is just breathtaking. Mexico isn’t too far away from the US so this might be a viable option for us. We might even be able to afford a pretty nice resort to stay at!



5. Bali
For some reason Bali seems magical to me. A previous boss at another job went there for her honeymoon and said it was pretty amazing. However, it is veryyyy far away (it usually takes two days to get there), and I’m not sure how I would do with Indonesian food for an extended period of time.


all images via google