Creating Our Registry

We are still in the process of creating our wedding registry, but here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout this process.

1.  Don’t be afraid to ask for things you already have.
Since Evan and I have been living together for a few years already (and just bought our first home together), it was important for us to go through and take inventory of the things we wanted to replace with quality items. The mis-matched pot and pan set Evan used in college? Yea, that is 100% getting replaced. The almost complete knife set? Yea, we want a full set. Here are a few items from that we already have, but will be replacing with much nicer quality items from Williams-Sonoma to keep for years to come!


bakeware set – stainless steel colander set
cast iron dutch oven – glass bowl set

2. You do not have to register for any items you don’t want to. 
I’m about 99% sure that we will never use fine china in this house. It’s just not really my style. I love to entertain, but I’m more casual. We registered for a “nicer” place-setting from West Elm and another set of plain white entertaining dishes. Again, just because it’s on the registry list doesn’t mean you actually have to register for it.

3. Don’t forget the small stuff.
Like new kitchen towels and oven mitts. I think the kitchen towels we’ve been using I’ve had for almost 8 years. It’s time for some new ones. I like these and these from Williams-Sonoma.


4. Register for things at all different price points. 
I’m sure most of you have heard this one, but I can’t stress it enough. I’m at that age where I have a handful of showers and weddings each summer. Typically I buy something anywhere between $30-$70 for a shower gift (depends on how close I am to the person). Make sure that people can afford things on your registry, and more important maybe more than one thing. Like is it really necessary to put a $40 whisk on your registry…probably not when a $10 one will do the trick just fine.

5. Don’t be afraid to register for the random stuff you need. 
One of the good things about living with your partner before marriage is that you have plenty of time to figure out those little oddities that you need. A lockbox? Go for it. A quality power drill? Sure, why not?! You’re going to need one to hang the 10,000 frames of your wedding photos.


Also, be sure to check out Williams-Sonoma’s Registry page for more tips on creating a registry! Any tips I forgot to add? What were your favorite items that you registered for?