Goodbye Ugly Master Bathroom

The time has finally come. We get to completely rip out everything in our master bathroom and start from scratch. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

This thing is ugly…really ugly. Nasty carpet on the floor, small enclosed shower that I can’t even shave my legs in, boring walls, etc. Okay, okay. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh. It’s not THAT bad. It is livable. But it’s time to go.

We have already started ripping out this ugliness, but I made sure to capture the before pictures this time. It’s going to be one amazing before and after! I purposely took bad iPhone photos too – going to make those afters look that much better. 🙂

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 36 AM

We are also going to make the ceilings a bit higher by taking out the unnecessary soffits. We have access to the attic directly above this bathroom and there’s no reason for them except a small area where the rafter meets the outside wall. No problem, we can cover that up with something MUCH smaller and gain about 10 more inches of ceiling.

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 44 AM

And that fan (aka: the world’s noisiest fan) is getting replaced asap. We’re thinking of adding can lights with built-in fans (like this one). Anyone used them before? We haven’t heard much about them, but I’m interested in trying them out.

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 00 AM

Neither of us like to take baths so we decided to go with no tub in our renovated bathroom. That might bite us in the butt later, but hey, we are going to be here for awhile. It made more sense to do something that we can enjoy for the next 10+ years rather than add a tub that we’ll never use. And don’t worry, there are two other bathrooms in the house with shower/tub combos so we’ll still have places to give our future children baths.

We’ll actually be extending the shower out a few more inches, and the toilet will more over too (more under the window). Our new vanity (you might have seen a peek of it here) is much shorter in width than our current one. I think overall it’s going to make the bathroom look much bigger.

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 51 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 07 AM

Stupid pull blinds – I hate you! Goodbye.

Photo Jul 07, 10 11 33 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 53 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 37 AM

We are converting the current (small) stand up shower into a linen closet. I actually couldn’t be more excited about that. The other linen closet we have in the spare bedroom is basically a joke. It’s so shallow that it holds about 2 blankets and our beach towels. This one will be much bigger and will actually hold all our extra blankets, sheets, and towels.

Photo Jul 07, 10 12 33 AM

New vanity lighting and mirrors are definitely on the list.

Photo Jul 07, 10 11 48 AM

And the final item on the to-do list is adding a pocket door. We actually took our bathroom door off weeks ago and it made a huge improvement in our happiness. It just took up so much room and whenever the door was open you couldn’t get in/out of the shower. It just prohibited the flow of everything. Now we won’t be losing space in the bathroom or bedroom by going with a pocket door.

Photo Jul 07, 10 12 00 AM

I can’t wait to see it all come together!  Next week I’ll share our design ideas for the room – you know…once we finally decide on the tile plan.