On The Hunt

So…I’m still working on that “design plan” for the bathroom. We were so close too! I thought we were ready to start ordering everything, and all of a sudden we changed our minds on the mirrors we bought to go with the vanity. Now I feel like we’re back to square one.

The mirrors we found at Target were clearance finds, and we love(d) them. But they were too big for the area. It was only going to be at most an inch between them and between the walls. They would’ve looked a little silly we think. I still love the mirrors though – so I’m not taking them back! I already put one on the foyer table (seen here) to replace the champagne colored mirror we had there before (you can see the old one in this post). I just never really loved it – too modern for my style.

Now we are officially on the hunt for new mirrors. They must be around 25″-20″ in width to fit better on the wall above the vanity. (By the way – this is the vanity we chose, in white) Here are a few styles we like. Simple, neutral, but a little bit rustic.



one / two / three


four / five / six

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? I love #5 the best, but clearly we cannot afford two of those. Guess I forgot how expensive mirrors can be – sheesh!