Buying a Rug is Hard

For some odd reason I find buying area rugs so hard for me. I’ve purchased little door mats and small rugs, but committing to a large area rug freaks me out. I could go buy a whole store worth of furniture, but a rug – no way. Apparently I have major commitment issues. But that’s about to change because we definitely need one for our master bedroom since we are putting in hardwood floors (they finish up today!!!).

I’ve rounded up my 6 favorite options. We need a lighter one since the floors are darker, and we’re keeping in the same blue and ivory color family as the rest of the room (reminder here). They are all from Wayfair because we have a credit, but let me know which one you like best!

1. Marled Blue/White Area Rug
2. Wilton Light Blue Area Rug
3. Luckett Hand-Tufted Ivory/Aqua Area Rug

4. Laurelville Ivory/Seafoam Area Rug
5. Herringbone Hand Woven Blue Area Rug
6. Saliba Blue Area Rug

I think we’re ready to pull the trigger on one of the above…THINK. Ughhh why is this sooo hard for me?!