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Branching Out

I’ve been a little obsessed with leopard print lately – which is not something I typically have ever worn. I think animal prints in general will be a huge trend this Fall, but leopard is definitely my fave. I can only handle wearing it in small amounts so it’s usually an accessory. I can’t wait to add these items to my little growing collection – especially that watch! Loves it.


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A New Do

I am getting my hair done this weekend and you have no idea how excited I am. I’m going for a lighter, summery look – a strawberry blonde ómbre. My hair color is pretty similar now, but I really want to get rid of the “highlighted” ómbre look my previous hair stylist did (or whatever it was). I want the drastic look Lauren has going on with richer strawberry roots that fade to blonde. Here’s another picture of LC’s amazing hair. I’m trying out a new stylist again, and I really hope she is as great as I’ve heard. Fingers crossed. I also need to get a few inches (2 max) cut off. Haven’t cut my hair since November so the ends are just absolutely horrendous right now. Stay tuned for the after pictures!

Spring Flats

I’ve been searching for a few weeks now on a new pair of flats. Living in the city means that I need really comfy flat shoes since I commute (my total walk is at least a half mile) into work everyday, but they also need to look cute. I also want a pretty neutral pair that I can wear with pretty much anything. I’ve narrowed it down to 8, but I need help deciding! Which ones do you like the best?


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Houston, I Have A Problem

So I have a confession to make. I have a little thing called ADD. My girlfriends used to joke with me (and still do actually) that I have ADD-D-D-D-D-D-D, meaning it’s pretty bad. Ha, but one of my “attention issues” is that I change my mind about my favorite color all the time. Sometimes weekly. Right now my favorite color is pink, and I just can’t get enough of it. Below are some items I’ve found lately that I would love to add to my pink collection.