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Lots of Pink, Red & Candy!

This year I participated in a Valentine’s Day blogging party hosted by a few of my favorite bloggers. I love little gift exchanges like this because it gives me a chance to discover new blogs that I might not have had a chance to before. For this particular one I was paired with the sweet Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide. I just love all of the goodies that she got for me. Nail polish, blush, lip gloss, sparkly scarf and some yummy chocolate. Everything was perfect. Thanks Chelsee!

My favorite item was the bright pink nail polish. I’m a tad bit obsessed with doing my nails and this color is amazing! Cannot wait to try it out.



Fall Nails

I’m sure you all know how much I love nail polish, but I just had to share my favorite colors for Fall. I don’t have all of these yet, but of course I’m already planning on adding to my collection.

Oh, and I know I’ve been very MIA lately. Life has been a bit crazy lately, but I’m hoping to slow down here soon and update more often. This weekend I’ll be relaxing most of the time but I do have a goal of decorating the apartment for Fall. Pictures to come soon (with the new camera too!).

May Birchbox

Time to share my May Birchbox with everyone! For those of you that don’t know, this month was sponsored by GossipGirl. Truthfully, I am two seasons behind on the show, but the seasons I did watch were great! Loved them.

Unfortunately my first May box that I received wasn’t in such great shape. The polish had shattered and basically made a big ol’ mess.

But I e-mailed the lovely people at Birchbox, and they happily sent me a brand new one. The second one successfully arrived all in one piece.

And here’s what I got this month!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm – I tried this one out this morning and I have to say I actually noticed a big (to me) difference. I’m sure no one else would’ve noticed the subtle change in color under my eyes, but I sure did. I will definitely continue to use this product, however, I’m not sure I will buy the full size ($65). Also, this product didn’t get ruined by the nail polish the first time around so I actually have two of these already.

Color Club Nail Polish in Disco Nap – It’s a super sparkly gold color. I can’t wait to try it out! As many of you know, I’m a little obsessed with nail polish these days.

Dr. Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream -This product is a moisturizer with a little bit of tint and sunscreen. My favorite. I will not wear any face lotion without SPF. It’s a must for me. Right now I’m obsessed with my Aveeno tinted moisturizer, but I think I’m going to give this one a shot tomorrow to see if I like it.

Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo – I’m a little weird about not have the same brand/kind of shampoo as my conditioner, but I’ll give this a shot. I’m traveling this weekend too so it will be the perfect size to throw in my suitcase. Hopefully it volumizes the heck out of my hair because, well, I basically have none. Teasing my hair has become my only source of volume these days. I swear that can’t be good for your hair either.

Bircbox Extra: Notecard – I can’t wait to send this cute little note to say hello to a friend. Obviously the “xoxo” part is from GossipGirl, but not everyone knows that. It’s still adorable. Now, who shall the lucky recipient be?

All in all I think it was a pretty good Birchbox. I think I will definitely add the eye balm to my daily routine, and of course I loved the nail polish. I give this month’s box a 6 out of 10. No idea what they are going to have to send me to get a 10 out of 10…but we’ll see. Maybe one day!

April Birchbox

I finally got my April Birchbox in the mail today and thank goodness because Monday wasn’t such a great day at work. It was definitely one of those Mondays and this little box cheered me up a bit.

Here’s what I got.

Revolution Organics – Freedom Glow Beauty Balm
I think I’m most excited to use this one. I love bronzer, and it’s definitely something I wear on a daily basis so hopefully I like this one. And…this is not even a “sample” size. It’s huge and it will probably last me awhile. I’ll let you know if I add this to my daily routine.


Befine – Skincare Sampler
These are gentle cleanser and moisturizer packets. I’m going to give them a try, but I’m pretty sensitive to a lot of lotions and cleansers that usually make me break out in tiny little bumps. It is made with mostly natural ingredients so I’m thinking I should be okay. This one has to be amazing though in order to beat my Aveeno products. I just love Aveeno!


Olie Biologique – 004 Huile Moderne
This is a mixture of oils that can be used on the face, body and hair. I’m not sure I love the smell of it so I am probably going to use it for my hair mostly. Probably just on the ends since my hair is very damaged. It reminds me of an essential oil called Ambre that was created by some ladies from Indiana. Unfortunately 004 Huile Moderne doesn’t smell as lovely. Unless it’s absolutely amazing I don’t think I can see myself buying the whole bottle since it retails for $56.


Atelier Cologne – Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue
I really like this scent – it’s clean and fruity. Perfect for the warm weather (hopefully coming soon to Chicago) in the Spring and Summer months. I like it, but not sure I would buy a full bottle. I also loved the cute postcard that came with it. I put it up in my office at work.


Le Palais des Thes – Tea Bags
I’ve tried and tried to force myself to like green tea but I just can’t stand it. I’m hoping that these will be amazing though. I haven’t tried them out yet so I’ll have to get back to you on whether or not I would buy them (which is probably a no since I don’t really like tea).

All in all I feel like it was an “OK” Birchbox. I need to give some of the products more of a shot but, unfortunately, some of them just aren’t the type of products I like to use. I give this month’s box a 5 out of 10. Last month was an 8 (I never had a chance to blog about it) because of all the yummy Teen Vogue products. As soon as I run out of my Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm I will be buying a new one. I might even go get the coral color before that though!