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Our Dreamy Master Bathroom

Big news – we finally have a design plan for our master bathroom renovation! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. It’s going to be beautiful – my dream bathroom. And thanks to all of our amazing family and friends for their generosity (wedding gifts, gift cards, coupons, etc.), we have the funds to make this happen.

The overall feel is clean, calm, airy (think lots of white), a little modern, and a little bit rustic. Kind of Fixer Upper-like, but a little less farmhouse.



one | biltmore hex, the tile shop – shower floor tile
two | woodlawn blue, benjamin moore – potential wall color (or something similar)
three | white metal bell pendant, pottery barn – vanity lighting
four | natural wood convex mirror, world market – vanity mirrors
five | rivergrass papyrus, the tile shop – entire bathroom floor (minus the shower)
six | hampton carrara subway, the tile shop – shower walls
seven | abbey double vanity, wayfair (in carrara/white)
eight | custom built-in linen closet (will replace the old stand-up shower space)
nine | slider rail with handset, hudson reed
ten | 12″ ceiling rain shower head, hudson reed
eleven | dual faucet valve + chrome trim, hudson reed

I have some of the smaller designs details picked out already too (wall art, counter top containers, etc.) – but I’ll leave those for the final reveal in a few weeks. I will say they bring in the rustic feel to the room. My goal is to have this completed before our honeymoon (oh yea, I have to tell you guys about that too!) at the end of September. We’ll see if we can make that happen. Demo is finished, and plumbing/electrical is about to start.

Almost everything you see above is either in our house ready to be installed, ordered, or about to be ordered. I think the final two things we still need to figure out are the cabinet doors for the linen closet and a custom glass shower door.

I think I might just live in here once it’s finished. What do you think?

On The Hunt

So…I’m still working on that “design plan” for the bathroom. We were so close too! I thought we were ready to start ordering everything, and all of a sudden we changed our minds on the mirrors we bought to go with the vanity. Now I feel like we’re back to square one.

The mirrors we found at Target were clearance finds, and we love(d) them. But they were too big for the area. It was only going to be at most an inch between them and between the walls. They would’ve looked a little silly we think. I still love the mirrors though – so I’m not taking them back! I already put one on the foyer table (seen here) to replace the champagne colored mirror we had there before (you can see the old one in this post). I just never really loved it – too modern for my style.

Now we are officially on the hunt for new mirrors. They must be around 25″-20″ in width to fit better on the wall above the vanity. (By the way – this is the vanity we chose, in white) Here are a few styles we like. Simple, neutral, but a little bit rustic.



one / two / three


four / five / six

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? I love #5 the best, but clearly we cannot afford two of those. Guess I forgot how expensive mirrors can be – sheesh!

Goodbye Ugly Master Bathroom

The time has finally come. We get to completely rip out everything in our master bathroom and start from scratch. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

This thing is ugly…really ugly. Nasty carpet on the floor, small enclosed shower that I can’t even shave my legs in, boring walls, etc. Okay, okay. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh. It’s not THAT bad. It is livable. But it’s time to go.

We have already started ripping out this ugliness, but I made sure to capture the before pictures this time. It’s going to be one amazing before and after! I purposely took bad iPhone photos too – going to make those afters look that much better. 🙂

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 36 AM

We are also going to make the ceilings a bit higher by taking out the unnecessary soffits. We have access to the attic directly above this bathroom and there’s no reason for them except a small area where the rafter meets the outside wall. No problem, we can cover that up with something MUCH smaller and gain about 10 more inches of ceiling.

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 44 AM

And that fan (aka: the world’s noisiest fan) is getting replaced asap. We’re thinking of adding can lights with built-in fans (like this one). Anyone used them before? We haven’t heard much about them, but I’m interested in trying them out.

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 00 AM

Neither of us like to take baths so we decided to go with no tub in our renovated bathroom. That might bite us in the butt later, but hey, we are going to be here for awhile. It made more sense to do something that we can enjoy for the next 10+ years rather than add a tub that we’ll never use. And don’t worry, there are two other bathrooms in the house with shower/tub combos so we’ll still have places to give our future children baths.

We’ll actually be extending the shower out a few more inches, and the toilet will more over too (more under the window). Our new vanity (you might have seen a peek of it here) is much shorter in width than our current one. I think overall it’s going to make the bathroom look much bigger.

Photo Jul 07, 10 09 51 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 07 AM

Stupid pull blinds – I hate you! Goodbye.

Photo Jul 07, 10 11 33 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 53 AM

Photo Jul 07, 10 10 37 AM

We are converting the current (small) stand up shower into a linen closet. I actually couldn’t be more excited about that. The other linen closet we have in the spare bedroom is basically a joke. It’s so shallow that it holds about 2 blankets and our beach towels. This one will be much bigger and will actually hold all our extra blankets, sheets, and towels.

Photo Jul 07, 10 12 33 AM

New vanity lighting and mirrors are definitely on the list.

Photo Jul 07, 10 11 48 AM

And the final item on the to-do list is adding a pocket door. We actually took our bathroom door off weeks ago and it made a huge improvement in our happiness. It just took up so much room and whenever the door was open you couldn’t get in/out of the shower. It just prohibited the flow of everything. Now we won’t be losing space in the bathroom or bedroom by going with a pocket door.

Photo Jul 07, 10 12 00 AM

I can’t wait to see it all come together!  Next week I’ll share our design ideas for the room – you know…once we finally decide on the tile plan.

How to Make DIY No-Sew Napkins

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight

I looked everywhere for some fun spring napkins for our dining room. I think I even went to two different HomeGoods…twice. I finally gave up. I also didn’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on them since I’ll most likely want to change them out soon (earmuffs Evan). So what did I do? I made my own. While they might not be functional napkins – they make my table look pretty and that’s really all I wanted anyway.

I bought a yard and half of fabric in a fun spring print from Hancock fabrics. Of course it was on sale, and I used a coupon. I rarely ever pay full price on anything! I think my total was around $6, and it was enough fabric to make 8 napkins. We only have 6 place settings on our table normally, but when the table is extended we can fit 8. I wanted to make sure I had enough for 8 just in case we needed to extend the table.

Now for the fun part – how to make the fabric into napkins!

Materials needed: 
Fabric (I used a yard and a half)
Ironing Board

1.  Cut the fabric into 8 even pieces. Mine were roughly 12″ x 20″. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of this step, but the fabric can really be any size you want it to be.

2. Next, lay a piece of the fabric face down on the ironing board, and fold the long side over about a half inch or so. Make sure that half inch of fabric makes a straight line and iron over it a few times.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight

3. To make sure the crease was solid I turned it over and ironed the opposite side as well. Turn the fabric back over and iron the second long side so that both have a nice looking crease.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


4. Now you’re ready to start folding. Grab the un-ironed side and fold it half-way over into the middle.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


5. Fold the opposite un-ironed side into the middle as well so that both are touching.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


6. Fold in half again so that you have nice creased edges on all sides.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


7. Fold like an accordion – mine had 3 or 4 folds.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


8. Tie ribbon in a knot to keep the napkin from unfolding.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight


9. Tie ribbon into a pretty bow! Repeat the process for all napkins.

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight

DIY No-Sew Napkins // Sweetness in Starlight

And there you have it – a $6 easy update to freshen up your dining room. You could also use hemming tape (the iron-on kind) or actually sew your ends for more functional napkins. I opted for the faster diy version since they won’t be getting used.  You could also make fun napkins rings instead of ribbon bows – the possibilities are endless. Next time I’m going to try diy-ing a fun napkin ring. I just bought a huge thing of moss, and I’m thinking about using that somehow.


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