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Entryway Makeover Plans

Our entryway is getting a fresh new look, and I think it might be one of my favorite projects to date (after the master bathroom, of course). We’re in the midst of the mess still, but it’s already looking so much better!  Most of the work is on the actual staircase itself, but we’re updating the entire entryway (minus the flooring on the first floor). One day I will get all hardwoods downstairs though – one day! When we win the lottery most likely.

The old staircase was just outdated and well, not in the greatest shape. The runner was absolutely disgusting, and had to go. We’ve got only one room left with the same gross carpet – the master bedroom and it will also soon be ripped out. Yay, I cannot wait! I’ve hated that carpet from day one. We were told that it was actually expensive carpet back in the day (it’s a thick, looped wool carpet), and I’m sure it was. But I am counting the days until it’s finally gone for good.

Our inspiration for the project came from these images on Pinterest and Instagram. We’re going for a clean look with a hint of craftsman style.

Here are a few crappy iPhone before pictures that I snapped right before we started any of the demo work. Christmas decorations and all.

Things on the to-do list:

  • Rip out disgusting old carpet runner, padding and tack strips
  • Rip out old wooden balusters and install new rod iron balusters
  • Box out the existing newel posts and paint white (the top piece will be stained the same color as the stair treads)
  • Install stair nose molding and hardwoods on landings (they were plywood before covered up by the carpet)
  • Sand & refinish all stair treads
  • Paint all trim work and stair risers a fresh white
  • Paint the entryway walls and upstairs hallway walls in Balboa Mist, by Benjamin Moore
  • Swap out the old almond outlets and switch plates to new white versions
  • Install new pendant light
  • Install new hardwoods in the upstairs hallway (as well as the master bedroom and closet!!)
  • Accessorize and photograph

Only a few minor steps. 🙂 We’ve made lots of progress so far (well, hubby has – me and my pregnant self can only do so much). Here’s a sneak peek at the bottom portion of the stairs looking all fresh, stained and sealed.

I’d say we’re about half way done though and aiming to have everything finished up by the end of the month. Stay tuned for more!

Master Bathroom Reveal

After hours and hours of work, we can finally cross the master bathroom off the to-do list. It feels amazing. Partly because I was starting to think this day might never come. The past 3 months we were waiting on the linen closet door – so really the bathroom has been about 95% done since December.

We gutted the entire room – drywall, ceiling, vanity, tub, tile, shower, CARPET, window, lighting, etc. were all torn down and replaced. The only thing we kept was the toilet, because the previous owners had just replaced it. We did move it over about a foot or so to allow more room for the shower which we brought out about 6 inches. We moved all of outlets and switches in the room.

We also decided to not put a tub in the master bathroom. To each their own – but neither of us are bath people so we decided to make one giant shower instead (plus we have two other tubs in the house if we ever need one).

Let me remind you what this space used to look like (excuse the bad iPhone photos…I least I took before photos).

During the process of gutting everything. If you look closely we took out the soffits above the tub as there was really no point for them. We got about a foot more of ceiling that way. Hello rain head shower!

The soffit to the right had a sloped angle from the roof line though, but we opted to remove it still and keep a sloped ceiling. I really think it helped the room feel larger even if there are a fed odd angles in the room.

We completely gutted the old stand-up shower so that we could convert it into a linen closet.

We removed the swing door and installed a pocket door to save on space (and so that it wouldn’t knock into the linen closet door like the old shower door used to).

Adding the big skylight was such a great idea – glad the hubby convinced me on that one! It brings so much extra light into the room.


And now for the pretty after photos! I’m obsessed. It’s basically my dream bathroom.

My favorite part of the shower is that rain shower head. It’s gloriously huge and perfect.

Master Edited-8652


And now some side-by-side comparisons just for kicks!


Wall Color – Woodlawn Blue (at 75%), Benjamin Moore
Vanity – Wayfair
Tile – The Tile Shop
Shower Fixtures – Hudson Reed
Bench / Threshold – Quartz remnants cut to size from a local company
Shower Door – Northside Glass (highly recommend them if you’re in the Indy area)
Pendant Lights – on clearance at Pottery Barn (no longer available, similar)
Vanity Mirrors – on clearance at World Market (no longer available, similar)
Towel Rack – DIY
Towels – Pottery Barn (highly recommend these!)
Linen Closet Door – Lowe’s

I also need to give major credit to my husband – he did A LOT of the work himself on this bathroom, and it looks amazing! Minus one tile we set at 2:00 am that will bug us for eternity. 😉

Overall we are extremely proud of our work and can’t wait to see what we can do next. More makeovers coming soon!

Dining Room Hutch Makeover

I had been on the hunt for a dining room hutch ever since we moved into our house two years ago. I knew I wanted something I could paint, but I also didn’t want one that was too farmhouse since that doesn’t really fit the style of our home. It also needed glass cabinets on the top, open shelf in the middle, and lots of storage on bottom. Plus, I gave myself a really small budget. Basically – I was really, really picky. 🙂

Luckily my persistence of stalking Craiglist, Facebook groups, and NextDoor finally paid off. I found my little beauty on NextDoor right before Thanksgiving. I basically had to paint this beast in about a week. I finished like a day before we hosted (almost) our entire family for Thanksgiving!

Here is what the hutch looked like before (image from the listing).




So I decided to experiment with a layered effect – darker gray layered on top of white. Well that pretty much backfired because I used two different brands of paint and they did not layer well at all. I first painted the bottom of the hutch with Valspar’s chalk paint line, and then tried to layer over it with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. Big mistake. Huge.

It was all clumpy and I almost cried. I attempted to wipe as much off as I could, but ultimately I had to sand a lot of the white off in order to get the gray to paint on evenly. Lesson definitely learned. #diyfail

Side note: I am not a huge fan of the Valspar chalk paint. Annie Sloan fan forever!

But the after still turned out great. As you can see I painted the inside of the top portion white to stand out a little more.

Hutch Edited-8573

Hutch Edited-8556

Hutch Edited-8593

Hutch Edited-8596


Much better! Fits the room perfectly, and holds everything I need it to.

I honestly love painting rooms, but painting furniture is really not my thing. This piece was torture. Especially after I messed up by trying to mix two brands of paint. Anyone else the same way or it is just me?

Goodbye Purple Room, Hello Fresh New Office

It’s finally time to say goodbye to our infamous purple room, aka – ‘the dungeon’. The previous home owners thought it would be a brilliant idea to paint the walls AND CEILING a nice plum purple in a room that gets very little natural light. We have a large tree that blocks majority of the sunlight into the window – so mix that with a dark color on the walls/ceiling and you’ve got yourself a dungeon.

This room is going to be Evan’s new office once we get it done. The room he is currently using was always a temporary thing until we got this room painted – it only took us two years to finally do it. One room at a time, one room at a time. 🙂

We used this room to spray all of the upstairs doors so that’s why there’s weird overspray/white on the walls. It has basically been our “project room” for the past two years. And to be honest, the pictures here actually make the room seem much brighter than it really is. It’s a lot darker, but I had to turn on my flash to get any sort of shot of it.

IMG_8460IMG_8468 IMG_8473

Everything in this room is getting painted – trim, walls and ceiling.

I put together a little mood board for the direction we are going for this makeover.

Office Design Board

  1. Paint Color: Belle Grove Valley Fog – Valspar
  2. Frame Wall: Various Wooden & Gray Frames
  3. Galvanized Pendant Light – Wayfair
  4. Cubby Shelf – World Market
  5. Gray Hairpin Desk – Overstock
  6. Plant (Fiddle Fig) – Home Depot
  7. Yellow Hairpin Chair – Overstock

We spent all weekend painting and the room is finally starting to take shape. I can’t wait to show you all the final reveal soon. I seriously cannot believe how different a room can look just by painting it! More updates coming soon…