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My Send Something Good Reveal

I mentioned here that I was participating in the Send Something Good project. Well, it’s finally time to reveal what I got my blogger and the amazing package I received.

I had the lovely Alli from Beautiful Family Affairs. I will admit that it was a little tricky getting to know her. I think I read almost every post on her blog until I got a few ideas of things she would like. Hopefully she enjoyed her package. I got her some cute stationary with her initial, gluten-free shortbread cookies, a Chicago mug, recipe cards/shopping list, and a pretty scarf.

Now, on to the best package ever. Natalie from Fake Rain completely spoiled me. I mean, I could barely fit everything in one picture.

She did such a great job finding out what I liked. I love every single thing that she sent me! Here are a few instagram photos that I have posted over the past weeks of me using all the wonderful items she sent me.

Also, I posted here about how I rearranged the mantle in our living room. Do you notice the Julie & Julia book she got me? I just love the turquoise color of the book and it goes perfectly with the colors in our living room.

Natalie got me so much great stuff that I haven’t even had time to use everything yet, but I will. Thanks again to Natalie for such a great surprise. It honestly made my month to get this. I can’t imagine how much time, effort and money went into it. Thanks girl – you are awesome! Also, be sure to check out her blog by clicking the link below!

If you all missed out on Send Something Good – don’t worry! They are doing another one soon. Not entirely sure when, but just keep an eye out on Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn, and Kristy‘s blogs for the announcement.

Blah, It’s Only Wednesday

I am so ready for the weekend already! Three more days of work though and then hopefully the weather is nice for the weekend!

Here are a few things I am in  with lately. Linking up for What I’m Loving Wednesday.

( new photo editing apps for my iPhone )
Since I still have yet to buy a good camera I have to use my lovely iPhone 4 camera. I wish I had the 4S even because that camera is so much better than mine. Here are my favorite new apps – in no particular order.

Camera+ – $0.99
Pixlr-o-matic – Free
Pocketbooth – $0.99

( fifty shades of grey )
Like every other woman reading this series, I am completely addicted. I. cannot. put. it. down. Almost done with the first one. I saw this SNL commercial spoof yesterday and was laughing out loud at my desk. So funny.

( orly shani on fashion star )
I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, but I already know what happens. And I’m sad. Orly is not the FashionStar and I sooo wanted her to be (sorry if I’m spoiling this for someone else). I wish that Saks wouldn’t have bought all her designs too. I mean, great for her obviously, but I can’t afford a single thing at that store. Ugh! She only sold one dress to h+m…maybe I should go check it out! I can’t wait until her tuc + wes line comes out. Love her!

( exploring the idea of a new hair cut and color )
I can’t have the same consistent hair color and/or cut for longer than a year. It’s just not my style – pun intended. 🙂 I am thinking of going shorter, but still shoulder length so I can curl it if I want to. Also, I think I am going to put a lot more blonde highlights for the summer, but still a bit of red. Kind of like this girl (although the picture is a little on the darker side).

And the other big change is that I want to grow my bangs out to be a bit longer. I know I still need bangs because of my face shape, but I think I might like the look of these longer bangs on me. What do you think?

It’s A Good, Good Day

Why is it such a good day? Because I leave for San Francisco tonight! Not super excited about the 5 hour flight, but hey, it could be a lot worse! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a plane for that long. My amazing and (real life) best friend Steph will be guest posting for a few days while I’m in California so be sure to give her some love while I’m gone.

Linking up again for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday with Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

I am obsessed with this bag. I already went to one h&m looking for it, and I’m going to another tomorrow. I will find it!!

Vintage cotton candy cart idea for a future barn wedding. I wouldn’t actually buy one, just rent one for a day!

Love this look – bright yellow pants with a casual gray top.

I love Cupcake Vineyards wine (especially their Prosecco) so this is perfect!

unknown source
I love the pattern on this skirt – if only I could find out where to get it. I have a big pet peeve when people don’t pin from an actual source (unless for some odd reason this person really did take this picture).

And now I’m linking up with Gentri for 7 Questions.

1. You are stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be, do you- walk home, call a friend, or stick it out? Call a friend (or text a few…).
2. Do you like to PLAY sports? Yes, the ones I’m good at – like soccer. Tennis is also fun.
3. Everyone has that one “different” song that they secretly love- what’s yours? Oh goodness, I have plenty of guilty pleasure songs. Old school Britney Spears “Lucky”? I also used to be obsessed with Dream and Stacie Orrico. Has anyone ever even heard of them? Probably not. Haha.
4. What is one thing you feel you are really good at? I’m really good at being ADD. Ha, just kidding. On a serious note, I think I am really good at organizing. My closet, my office, etc.
5. A dog is running in your direction and barking loudly- what do you do? Run, or maybe hide? It might depend on how large the dog is, but most likely I’d get out of there as fast as possible. I love dogs, but sometimes you never know.
6. Star gazing or cloud watching? Star gazing for sure. I think it’s much more romantic.
7. What time of the day do you feel the most productive? From about 8:00pm – 11:00pm. I’m such a night owl!

Instagram & Smell the Roses Monday

1. Driving back into the city from a weekend in Indiana.
2. A little snack for the drive home. Mamba’s are the best!
3. My mom after walking the Survivor parade. So happy to say that my mom is a survivor!
4. Race for the Cure 2012!

Linking up with Ashley at a {little} dash of ash for Instagram Monday. I’m actually really addicted to this app, but somehow I only managed to post 4 photos this weekend. I spent the weekend with my mom in Indiana for our second Race for the Cure. You can hear all about the first one here. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

Now for the Smell the Roses challenge from Jessica at Lovely Little Things. Last week’s challenge was to “Meet a Need”. I struggled this week to really make this one happen, but I did manage to do something on Friday that helped meet a need.

We have someone new starting in our department today and the vacant office that she is going to use was an absolute mess. I mean…cabinets full of junk, extra broken chairs, bulletin boards, etc. just thrown in there over the past couple of months. It was basically an extra storage closet. I felt bad that she was going to have to come into an office that was just a complete mess so I took the entire first part of the day to move everything out and Clorox everything down. I got everything cleaned up and then got her computer setup too so she was all ready to start today. I’m so excited to have another girl in the office my age (a lot of people in our office are much older) though!

Anyway, not a huge “need” but I did get a big thank you from my boss. She said she was going to come in on Sunday to do it so I’m definitely glad she didn’t have to do that.

This week’s challenge is: Make a mix CD for someone.

Happy Monday! Can’t believe I’ll be in San Francisco in 3 days! Yay for a short week followed by a long weekend in San Fran.